Take Up An Up-Close Look At The 2020 C8 Corvette’s Rear End

If you’re like us, you are probably champing at the bit for the C8-generation Chevrolet Corvette to be unveiled on July 18.

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to call the mid-engine Corvette one of the most hyped and eagerly-anticipated performance cars of past few years and if all the rumors prove correct, it should put European supercars on notice. These new renderings of the American-bred supercar from the Mid Engine Corvette Forum are bound to get you excited.

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Therenderings show the new supercar with and without a subtle rear spoiler finished in a bright shade of red. Among the key details which we’ve been able to identify in various spy shots presented in these renderings are the sharp taillights, four square-tailpipes, and a smooth diffuser. A glass engine cover is also visible as is a small reversing camera at the base of the roof.

Based on these renderings alone, we think the rear end of the C8 Corvette looks quite busy. However, cars typically look much better in the flesh and we expect the same to be the case with Chevrolet’s latest supercar.

The C8 Corvette will probably debut in entry-level guise on July 18. This model is tipped to be dubbed the ‘Stingray’ and is expected to feature a naturally-aspirated 6.2-liter V8 engine with approximately 500 hp. This engine will be paired with an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission as standard but there is a chance the car will be available with a manual gearbox at some stage during its production run.

  • Six_Tymes

    as always the negative thinkers or “haters,” same thing, will flood this post, ill save my opinion based on seeing this in person. for now, all ill say is, its at least different, not bad, not great. hopefully in person it will look good.

    • ErnieB

      I am with you here.. though the renderings gotta stop! We haven less than a month for the big reveal .. come on now…

      • Marc Gruben

        I agree! It’s like Motor Trend magazine in the 70’s…every other issue was “Is this the new Corvette?” Although I really miss the 4 circular taillights

    • Porkopolis

      Indeed we’ll see with the real reveal. Every render so far makes it look like parts of the car are collapsing and/or being pulled too thin.

  • Thunderbolt

    If that’s the real thing, I will either throw up or throw poops on it.

  • Rob Banks

    A poor mans Cadillac, as they used to say about overly ambitious car manufacturers goals. Although slight a modification to Ferrari would make a ton more sense. For Chevys sake, let’s hope that’s not the real deal after so much hype and secrecy.

  • Matthijs

    How many Corvette renders will be posted? Its getting ridicilous


  • BlackPegasus
    • JRP

      Basically would fit on Reddit’s r/yesyesyesno

  • JRP

    Stop. Posting. Corvette. Renderings.

    Thank you.

    • Mark Seven-Ultranine

      Stop reading the articles. Thank you.

      • JRP

        We’re all being tricked that the new Corvette has been revealed but it’s just another rendering.


      • JRP

        Really if it’s just one of the generic crashes where a car runs a light and hits the cammer. Those get annoying.

        Sometimes seeing the new Lego car sets is fun though.

  • so far it seems the C8 will be a midengine C7 with Camaro details, too bad it was a chance to do something different.

  • Bo Hanan

    “And sometimes moving the engine to the middle is an opportunity to go forward with the new model’s design.”

  • GobbleUp

    Thought it was another poorly designed ferrari.

  • SteersUright


  • Jim Ragland

    That render makes it look like a Camaro trying to look like the new mid engine Corvette.

  • Alexandro Pietro

    If the price will be acessible,will close many small sports-car makers in USA and Europe, include italians ones!!!

  • shan gunasekera

    C8 REAR END has a cheap look for a mid engine car. Sorry. Should have put some sexy curves with new tail lights, like Tesla 2020 Roadster, Hennessy F5 or Ferrari 488.. with 3 exhaust pipes in the middle. It doesn’t have to look like a tank..

    • Nick099

      I think the rendering is off. The car looks too narrow and tall.

  • MMNYC18

    Bored already with this design and horrible attempt at a reveal. Whats up, GM?

  • nellydesign

    The way this entire car visually pinches down the center, it looks really bad. It is not a refined or beautiful shape. From the rear it’s shaped like a bow tie. And not a Chevy one. And the tail lights look really pedestrian.

  • Richie Rich

    I thought Chevy was killing the Camaro, but they killed the Corvette too. Rear looks just like the Camaro.

  • Carman

    And they’all laughed at the NSX. This thing is like a raised Chevy. Well I guess it is a Chevy afterall.

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