UK Authorities Will Test ‘Noise Cameras’ To Clamp Down On Loud Vehicles

Authorities in the UK are about to test advanced noise detection systems in an effort to crack down on louder than allowed vehicles across the country.

The devices commissioned by the government will be able to detect motorists and bikers with vehicles exceeding legal noise limits and automated number plate recognition will identify the offenders.

All vehicles made since 2016 and sold in Europe are limited to 74 decibels, but aftermarket exhausts systems that are available for cars and motorcycles can be significantly louder than this.

Sky News reports that a prototype noise detection device will be tested at several locations over the next seven months in the UK.

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Transport Secretary Chris Grayling says he is determined to make loud exhausts a thing of the past.

“Noise pollution makes the lives of people in communities across Britain an absolute misery and has very serious health impacts. This is why I am determined to crack down on the nuisance drivers who blight our streets.”

Motorcycle Industry Association chief executive Tony Campbell said noise detection devices are needed to stamp out illegal exhausts fitted by some bikers.

“With growing pressure on the environment, including noise pollution, illegal exhausts fitted by some riders attract unwanted attention to the motorcycle community and do nothing to promote the many benefits motorcycles can offer.”

Trials will determine if a vehicle has breached the legal noise limit by taking into account the class and speed of the vehicle relative to the location of the noise detection device. If the trial is successful, the technology could (or should we say will?) be introduced across the UK.

  • Dark Rebel

    The UK really has their priorities straight! They should focus more on actual crimes on the island.

    • SASQUATCHelvis

      Why focus on actual crimes when you can just make more of your subjects criminals via new laws?

    • Mike Sinyaboot ©

      Why would they want to do that? They are too busy arresting people for “wrong think” on social media.

  • dll1183

    I’m convinced that anyone who becomes an elected official or civil servant in the UK is there solely to make absurd laws just to find new and creative ways to extract money from the populace.

  • Mr. EP9

    Even when they leave the EU (no deal Brexit or not) they’re still screwed. Out of all the things that are issues worth addressing, this is the one thing they are concerned about? I mean city ordinances and small towns dealing with the issues of loud vehicles? Sure. But having the government step in, is that really necessary?

    • Mike Sinyaboot ©

      The UK government has a massive hard-on for the constant, mass surveillance its citizens. It is bad enough here in the States, but the UK has taken it to another level. It is so extreme that the government official in charge of the surveillance has warned the UK public to “wake up” to the fact that they are being “reduced to trackable numbers in a database”.

      As of 2015, there were at least 6 million surveillance cameras in the UK. That number has undoubtedly increased in the past 4 years. Also, as we have seen over the past several years, UK citizens are now being arrested and jailed for sharing non-PC opinions via social media…see images below. The UK government has gone full 1984 and these new “noise cameras” are just one more example of a government that has become addicted to its own power.

      This abuse of power is precisely the reason we have the Second Amendment. The government exists to serve its constituents, not control them. I wouldn’t doubt that these “noise cameras” can and will be abused. Next thing you know, they will be listening to peoples conversations when they are in public to make sure nothing “offensive” is said just like with social media. I highly doubt that the prevalence of excessively loud cars is so extreme that these new cameras are justifiable. It is more likely that it is just an excuse for another level of mass surveillance.

      Straight up clown world. Honk! Honk!

  • brn

    Late if hate for such laws here. I don’t care if someone’s vehicle is a little loud, but far too many are extreme. Some can pierce your ears from two blocks away. Some ensure that everyone along their drive get woken from a deep sleep. [Many] motorcycles are the worst offenders. Jerks like this don’t care about anyone else and need to be addressed.

  • TheBelltower

    It’s one thing when you’d hear the occasional custom exhaust on a mustang or air cooled Porsche. But today, every redneck brodozer, biker and Civic seems to have an obnoxious exhaust. A car shouldn’t sound like industrial farm machinery when it’s pulling away from a stoplight at 10mph.

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