And THAT’S How You Change The Oil In A Rolls Royce Phantom

If you own a Rolls-Royce Phantom, we’re willing to bet that you never, ever have to worry about servicing it.

Nor will you, of course, ever bother to do it yourself – pigs are much more likely to fly than that happening. However, with the right tools, the oil of the Phantom can be changed just as easily as on pretty much every other car.

Many exotics, such as the Bugatti Veyron, have been designed to be exceptionally difficult to work on, but that’s not the case with the Phantom. We can probably thank BMW for that, who ensured that minor maintenance work can be easily carried out without making an expensive trip to the local mechanic shop.

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Like most cars, changing the oil on a Phantom is a relatively easy process once you locate the drain plug hidden near one of the sway bars. With the oil drained, the massive oil filter and enclosure can also be untightened, removed and replaced. One intriguing aspect of a Phantom oil change is that the luxury sedan requires a lot of oil. Just over eight quarts (7.5-liters), to be precise – but that’s one big engine, so it makes perfect sense.

Changing the oil usually only requires DIYers to jack up the front of their car and placing it on a pair of stands before getting to work. However, getting under a Phantom would likely prove a lot more difficult because it weighs so much and putting your faith in a couple of stands and a hydraulic jack probably isn’t the wisest idea. Thus, if you have access to a shop lift, that’s a far safer option. Not that you’re ever going to attempt anything like that; but in case this video makes you curious, remember: you’ve been warned.


  • Paul

    The teaser photo on the front page with bare skin, leather, and chains had me thinking I was going to see something kinky. What a let down.

  • europeon

    the massive oil filter

    One intriguing aspect of a Phantom oil change is that the luxury sedan requires a lot of oil. Just over eight quarts (7.5-liters), to be precise

    … and now we all know your hands-on experience with cars is absolutely zero.

    Also 7,5 liters of oil is really a small quantity for a big engine.

    • salamOOn

      especially when you have 4-4,5liters in a small hatchback with 4cyl 2liter engine…..

      • europeon

        I’ve seen 3 liters engines with 9,5 liters oil capacity.

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