Did You Know The BMW 3-Series Touring’s Rear Window Can Be Opened?

The new BMW 3-Series Touring features a rear window which can be opened separately from the tailgate but according to the German company, not many customers know about the feature.

For decades, some estate models (and more recently, SUVs too) sold by BMW have allowed customers to open the rear window in order to quickly stow small items without having to open the entire tailgate. However, during a recent interview with Autocar, BMW product manager Stefan Horn said the company had to fight to retain the feature in the latest-generation 3-Series Touring.

“It’s a bit of a hidden thing. We argued we should keep it – but we need customers to know about it, or it will die,” he said.

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While the feature isn’t one all BMW customers know about, it’s certainly one which adds some extra convenience to the ownership experience. For example, owners can use the opening rear window as a quicker way to store things in the rear and could also use it to quickly retrieve things.

The new BMW 3-Series Touring was presented last month and is slightly larger than its predecessor, measuring 4709 mm (185 inches) in length, 1827 mm (72 inches) in width and 1470 mm (57.8 inches) in height. The trunk can hold 500 liters (17 cubic-feet) worth of items with load capacity increasing to an impressive 1,510 liters (53 cubic-feet) with the second-row of seats folded down.

Depending on the market, customers have a choice between three petrol and three diesel engines for the car. The entry-level petrol model takes the form of the 320i with 184 hp while the diesel range starts with the 318d pumping out a total of 150 hp.

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  • Ben

    I’ll be that guy I guess *sigh* “My 4Runner can do that, but bEtTer!!”

    But in all seriousness, it can. The window just slides down into the tailgate like a normal window rather than acting as a second hatch. It actually was useful on my last fishing trip and feels awesome during a cool breeze. However, hauling down the highway, some exhaust fumes do waft back into the cabin.

    • Zandit75

      It’s helpful if you’re not a short a$$ like myself, who can barely reach into the tray of my ute due to the ridiculously high sides on some of them now. Vehicles like the 4Runner would be no different.

      • Ken

        I just bought a 2007 FJ Cruiser. I read on the forums that some owners didn’t know the glass on the tailgate opened separately either. I saw the struts inside the window and knew immediately lol

        • Ben

          I REALLY want to buy an FJ Cruiser Trails Team Ultimate Edtion. However, the redundancy of owning a TRD 4Runner and FJ Cruiser would be a bit much. I love my 4Runner and can’t see replacing it, but that FJ Cruiser is so freaking cool.

    • Arct1c

      And I rather own a 4Runner than this lmao

      • Ben

        Its like driving a Nokia brick phone, simple and nearly unbreakable. Yes, its not the most tech savvy vehicle, but that’s almost like a badge of honor. The last mid size SUV that’s still body on frame and truly capable offroad. I love the simplicity. Getting inside and driving it is like a “You remember when?” conversation.

        • Arct1c

          It’s been on my list for a while. A part of me wants to wait until the redesign because I actually like the way the new RAV4 and Tacoma look, and I think Toyota has always gotten the 4Runner right (can’t say that about some models). We’ll see!

  • pcurve

    whut.. i drove e91 wagon. I didn’t know this has been available for ages.

  • Matt

    Props to BMW’s engineers for disguising the feature so well. I know on some Japanese vehicles with this feature the rear wiper is mounted and ‘parks’ completely off the glass, so you immediately suspect the glass opens separately. On BMW’s and a few other euros the wiper arm is attached to the glass so looks completely seamless.

    • Przemix

      I thought sometimes why wiper mount is so big and strange. Now i know – it’s a handle!

  • Exotics

    That’s cool. You can allow the tailpipe emissions to breeze through the interior cabin!

    • Matt

      Oh hi troll.

  • TheAmerican2point0

    Why does anyone care? This is incredibly common on hatchbacks and I would assume wagons???

    • Matt

      I don’t know of many hatchbacks with this feature. This whole mechanism and design costs money and is therefore expensive to implement on a lower-price hatchback which generally have lower margins.

    • Knotmyrealname

      Which hatchbacks have separately opening windows?

    • Przemix

      name three, i am curious

      • uS’gedlemba

        Hatchback: A hatchback is a car with a hatch-type rear door that opens upwards and often a shared volume for the passenger and cargo areas….

        90’s Honda Civic, Citroen C5 Estate, Nissan Pathfinder, KIA Sportage, Citroen Berlingo, Smart Car…

  • SteersUright

    Often wondered why more SUV’s won’t retract or open their rear windows. I love that feature about the 4runner, which seems to be the only one that can do it.

  • Przemix

    more strange was a trunk opened like tailgate in pickups…

  • Dante71

    Loved that feature on my dads E46 touring !

  • Antoine

    Only realized it 3 years after I bought my e91 ! Very convenient, use it all the time !


    Did You know?
    BMW has turn signals…

  • Miknik

    Has been on BMW estates for probably 20 years 😉


    Same as indicators.

  • Arct1c

    Slow news day. In other new the Lexus GX’s tailgate opens sideways.

  • DMJ

    I had a 2014 F31 Touring and it was very usefull, specially in some parking spaces where there isn´t enough space to open the tailgate. Very well designed, it’s almost unnoticeable.

  • EngineerMK

    Rover introduced the feature on the 75 Estate; BMW copied it (well at that time they owned Rover).

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