Ferrari Gets Into An Odd Fight With A Fashion Designer Over… Shoes

Like many young and successful people, German fashion designer Philipp Plein likes to showcase his lavish lifestyle on Instagram.

As a result, his feed is full of beautiful woman, exotic locations and an impressive car collection that appears to include a Rolls-Royce Phantom, Lamborghini Urus and Ferrari 812 Superfast. Plein also uses his feed to promote some of his products and this intermingling of things apparently upset Ferrari.

In a post yesterday, Plein showed a “love letter” from Ferrari’s lawyers accusing him of “unlawfully appropriating the goodwill” attached to Ferrari’s trademarks as he posted of a picture of his company’s shoes on the rear window of his 812 Superfast.

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GOT A LOVE LETTER 💌 TODAY FROM THE LAWYERS OF FERRARI 🏎 asking me to delete the picture OF MY PERSONAL CAR WITH MY PERSONAL SHOES 👟 ON IT !!!!! I can’t even put in words how disappointed and disgusted I am about this unfair and totally inappropriate claim against me personally……obviously I love cars and ESPECIALLY FERRARI !!!! I bought my first FERRARI 10 years ago and recently I bought a Ferrari for my mother as her birthday gift !!!! I think it is absolutely ridiculous as a good client to receive such a letter from a company like FERRARI !!! This message goes out to the CEO Louis Carey Camilleri of FERRARI !! If you want to continue treating your loyal clients with such letters from your lawyers you will lose the support from many FERRARI FANS ! 👎 @scuderiaferrari

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The letter didn’t stop there as it said “Ferrari’s trademarks and model cars are associated in your pictures with a lifestyle totally inconsistent with Ferrari’s brand perception, in connection with performers making sexual innuendos and using Ferrari’s cars as props in a matter which is per se distasteful.” The letter went on to claim this tarnished Ferrari’s reputation and caused them “material damage.”

The lawyer then demanded that all pictures referenced in the letter be removed within 48 hours and that Plein stop using Ferrari’s trademark and cars for commercial purposes. They also claimed Plein’s actions will be brought to the “attention of the Courts.”

Plein doesn’t appear to be backing down as he said “I can’t even put in words how disappointed and disgusted I am about this unfair and totally inappropriate claim against me personally.” He went on to say he obviously loves Ferrari and bought his first prancing horse a decade ago. Plein called the letter a form of “blackmail” and noted the incident was sparked by a picture of his personal car on his personal Instagram.

While the letter certainly seems a bit extreme, it appears the automaker isn’t just concerned about scantily clad models. As the letter noted, Plein’s marketing of his shoes in a picture with the 812 Superfast interfered with “Ferrari’s selected licensees which are exclusively entitled to use Ferrari’s trademarks to produce and promote [a] line of shoes [which are] Ferrari branded.”

In essence, the company sounds upset that Plein’s shoes were on a Ferrari and this could potentially detract from official Puma Ferrari shoes which currently retail for between $48 and $78. Of course, it’s important to note these shoes actually feature Ferrari logos and branding, while Plein’s shoes were simply sitting on top of his Ferrari.

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What happens next remains unclear, but it both sides don’t budge it could be a matter for the courts.

H/T to The Fashion Law

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50 shades of 🍏 🍏 🍏

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  • FlameWater

    Social media in its essence is advertisement, clearly he is trying to promote his product under the illusion that Ferrari is associated with it.

  • Mr. EP9

    Let the lawyers figure it out.

  • salamOOn

    just look at his insta…. i can understand the ferraris side of the coin.

  • This is an interesting one,

    So when you buy a product you only acquire full rights in relation to the item but not the brand trademark and Goodwill.

    So essentially this means we don’t completely own the branded products we buy….Confused

    • Matteo Tommasi

      Of course you don’t biy the trademark.
      Buying the trademark would make you able to replicate the product.

      • I don’t dispute that in the general sense but at least the one attached to the item I acquired full rights for should be mine to use fully.The logo is after all a small part attached to a much bigger item

        • Bob

          This isn’t a popular opinion but it’s the implicit association between these shoes and Ferrari. if even one person assumes there’s a relationship between the maker of those shoes and the Ferrari brand then that’s Ferrari’s loss in a sense.

          I don’t agree with this as the best course of action but it is their brand to protect however they judge it best I suppose.

  • TheBelltower

    If he were taking pictures of a Ferrari alongside women and products, and that’s where it stopped, Ferrari wouldn’t have a case. But he’s attempting to sell his anti-fashionable shoes by leveraging the Ferrari, Lamborghini and Rolls Royce brand equity. So I think that Ferrari has an argument. They are legally compelled to go after every one of these that they find.

  • Merc1

    Either way that’s a hott pair of sneakers. Yikes.


  • on one hand I understand Ferrari’s point of view and legal matter, on the other hand… F+#?! tham no? Who do they think buy their cars and make their money??? If they think their clients are Modern Steve McQueens classy going for mountain drives with a Monaco on the arm… they are mistaking, who am I kidding, they know who are their clients, just look at what they make and license the name to. People are not stupid, they see it’s not Ferrari shoes as they they know the girls didn’t made them. This should be bad publicity for Ferrari… But they are the Apple of Sports cars. Probably won’t do anything to them.

  • iddqd

    my pimp neigbour is a keen PP wearer, you know crocodile suits and such alike…so GOOD on ya, Ferrari.

    • Bash

      LOL, does your neighbor knows what you say about him.

      • iddqd

        i sure hope not LOL

  • this could have some severely negative repercussions…

    careful about the can of worms Ferrari.

  • Vassilis

    Good to see Ferrari fighting lack of customer taste and class.

  • robotlogic

    Easy to understand. Ferrari is like don’t try to sell your wacky shoes by putting them next to our logo.

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