Ford Europe Talks New Puma Design, And We’re All Eyes – And Ears

Small crossovers and SUVs are one of the hottest segments right now in the automotive industry around the world, and Europe is no exception.

It’s only natural then that automakers try to offer as many such models as possible – which is Ford’s approach too. The automaker already had the EcoSport in Europe as its main B-segment SUV offering, backed up by the Fiesta Active high-riding hatch.

Apparently, that wasn’t enough, and that’s why Ford recently unveiled the Puma, another B-segment crossover that targets a different audience than the EcoSport. While the latter is available with all-wheel-drive, the Puma is front-wheel drive only. It also boasts a more emotional design and will be positioned above the EcoSport, bridging the gap between it and the compact Kuga.

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Speaking of styling, Ford Europe has released a video in which the design team that worked on the Puma shares some interesting tidbits of information about the sporty-looking crossover.

For starters, Ford Europe’s design director Amko Leenarts says the team tried to create “the most beautiful car people have ever owned.” That’s a very bold statement and, to be fair, the Puma is a bold-looking crossover. It may not be 100 percent original (what car is these days?), but all the design elements come together in a harmonious way.

The proportions of the Puma are what make the small crossover really stand out. The wheels are pushed as far out as possible, leaving designers with plenty of sheet metal to sculpt. It also looks athletic thanks to the 55 mm (2.16 inches) of added width compared to the Fiesta supermini.

The attractive exterior combined with the clever interior design (especially in the luggage compartment) detailed in the video below should make the Puma a strong contender in its segment. There’s just one question, though: why on earth did Ford decide to offer this model exclusively in Europe?


  • Rocket

    I’m not sure two golf bags would fit with full length drivers, but that’s still pretty impressive.

    • 2PacOfCarscoop

      who plays golf anyway…

      • DaruniaG

        This. Even the high-end brands should stop using golf bags as a reference for volume in the trunk

  • ME

    a 3dr would be even cooler.

  • Ricki Boo

    great video, terrifically designed whip. a kudo to the Ford team.

    • db

      Ironically, this same company brought us the Eco-Sport…

  • 2PacOfCarscoop


    • db

      It’s not hard to tell who spends too much time in mom’s basement playing video games.

      • 2PacOfCarscoop

        my mom is dead, bro . not cool

        • db

          Sorry, nothing personal but your comment was uncalled for.

          • 2PacOfCarscoop

            i’m crying, please call me

          • db

            I’ll call you whatever you want if but I’m not sure the comment won’t be deleted.

          • 2PacOfCarscoop

            After my PT/SD disorder, when I decide to be non binary, that people attacked me online I haven’t felt well. Sir, please say sorry to me and your profile picture makes me feel uncomfortable…

  • jfalckt

    I’ve really come around to the looks of this, very stylish and should be a class leader. After driving a 2019 Fiesta I was so impressed how excellent to drive it was.

  • Paul

    But, but…It’s a cute little squirt. Straight out of the Cars movie even.

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