Tesla Drops Standard Range Model S And Model X From Lineup

Tesla has once again altered its family of models in the United States, discontinuing the Standard Range variants of the Model S and Model X.

Shortly after Tesla announced record deliveries for the second quarter of the year, it revealed that the two popular Model S and Model X versions are no more. The electric car manufacturer hasn’t offered a detailed explanation as to why the two models have been kicked to the side other than saying it wants to streamline its model range.

“To make purchasing our vehicles even simpler, we are standardizing our global vehicle lineup and streamlining the number of trim packages offered for Model S, Model X and Model 3,” the company said in a statement. “We are also adjusting our pricing in order to continue to improve affordability for customers.”

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With the Tesla Model S and Model X Standard Range models no longer available, the starting price of the Model S has increased from $75,000 to $79,990 while the Model X’s starting price has jumped from $81,000 to $84,990. Starting prices for the two models have also jumped in other markets, including China.

Tesla is no stranger to tweaking its family of models and adjusting prices. In fact, this is the third significant change it has made to its pricing structure this year. Tesla even went so far as to stop taking online orders for the entry-level $35,000 Model 3 earlier this year and will now only accept orders for it in-store or over the phone.

While the Model S and Model X are now only sold in Long Range and Performance versions, the latter models do come equipped with the Ludicrous package as standard as part of the changes. Ludicrous was previously a $20,000 option.

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  • Ben

    London Bridge is falling down, falling down….

    • HD

      Again? hahaha. Tesla is always burning and going bankrupt. You could just have made a killing with Tesla if you would have invested at 190. Bet you havent 😉

      • Ben

        Hehehe, I don’t invest bullishly. I invest patiently and focus on consistent returns for the next decade, score, etc. More of a Buffet approach for me. I make my “killing” in the real estate industry. Not on Elon’s life choices.

  • TheBelltower

    The iPace and e-Tron couldn’t even compete with the entry-level 75kWhr S and X. It’s going to be interesting to see how the competition fares now that the S and X entry level models include larger battery packs.

    • Exotics

      I-PACE nor E-turd compare with a 2012 Model S.

      And Model 3 is the main car from Tesla now. SR+ is the best value Tesla available. Extremely affordable and superior compared to any other gas guzzler in the price range

      • Matteo Tommasi

        Oh wow another Tesla troll.
        Third this week

        • HD

          Another Tesla basher, getting boring. Unfortunately it’s true, a car made in 2012 is better than what the big German brands are coming up with. Wish it was not like this, Tesla needs major competition.

    • mist

      Etron has more range and is cheaper than SR Model X lol. 42 km more range for 5000 Euro less and with a vastly better comfort and sound insulation, it’s a no brainer.
      And now with EQC starting 13000 Euro cheaper and with 42 km more range than model X… Easy choice again.

      • TheBelltower

        The 75X, which is no longer available, was much larger,much more efficient, but still got a few more miles of EPA range than the iPace that has a 90 kWh battery. The 75X was offered with two more seats, more storage in the back, more storage in the front, and an established supercharger network. The ipace accelerates slightly quicker than the 75. The Jag should be quicker, it’s much smaller and has a much larger battery than the 75X. The eTron barely covers 200 miles (204 to be exact) and is much less of a car, but surpasses the price of the 100X once you start with the options. The ipace and e-tron compete with each other, but not with the Model X. And certainly not the current entry level model X, which easily trounces them both. The Jag and Audi only compete with the non-performance Model 3, which is much less expensive. You’re wrong, it’s not an easy choice. Model 3, Model S or Model X?

        • mist

          Neither the Jag nor the Audi compete with a saloon. Stupid argument.
          As already shown, Etron trounces model X and S combined sales in Europe despite the huge price slash of S and X at the beginning of the year. Etron, EQC offer more range and better quality than th base Model X, for a lot less money. A well-optioned EQC Launch Edition is the price of the SR X and still offers 442 km more range. And they don’t have leeaky and prone to fault rear doors. Of course people weren’t buying base X with its poor pricing so Tesla had to discontinue that model.

          • TheBelltower

            You’re high. The rated range of the eTron is miserable. Much worse than any Tesla. It’s one of the slowest and least efficient EV’s on the market. The eTron and iPace are smaller and cheaper than any model of the X. They are just large hatchbacks that can only accommodate 5 passengers. I’m glad the eTron is selling, but they are simply fulfilling orders at this point.

          • mist

            Sorry mate to bring you back down to earth.
            Etron and EQC both have 417 km range WLTP.
            I-Pace has 480 km WLTP.
            SR model X has 375 km WLTP.
            SR model S has 450 km WLTP.

          • TheBelltower

            Based on the WLTP ratings, the Etron and iPace are not the same, and you’re being far too generous in favor of the Etron. Too generous by 80km in fact. Also, in the US, the EPA range for the Etron is a miserable 204 miles…. about 54km (34miles) less than the previous short range Model X. The iPace achieves slightly shorter range than the previous Model X. Which is insane given that Etron and iPace are both much smaller cars with much larger batteries than the MX75D. The current Model X 100D is now the entry model, where the battery sizes are comparable, and it even more effortlessly (and efficiently) wipes the floor with the Etron and iPace. There was no question that the Model X was more substantial before, and there certainly isn’t now.


          • mist

            So you’re telling me the more expensive model X new gets more range than quite a bit cheaper models?
            And what is you excuse for the sr model X that was more expensive and offered a lot less range than Etron and I Pace? Well, that’s right, they wiped it easily.
            Oh, by the way, now you need to report false numbers to get to your conclusion. WLTP ratings for Etron and EQC are 417 km, I Pace at 480 km, SR model X at a measly 375 km. Saying otherwise is a lie.

          • TheBelltower

            What are you talking about? I pulled those numbers from the top gear website. They are the same as can be found at any reputable site. This one just had them all packaged nicely together. The poor range and low efficiency of the ETron has been well publicized.

  • designer_dick

    Cutting model lines to reduce build complexity and increasing base prices in an attempt to improve the company’s bottom line is the mark of a manufacturer going into panic mode.

    • Exotics

      SR+ price was lowered by $1,000 and $1,500 Pearl White is now free/standard color.

      That means Tesla is going bankwupt! Says designer_dick.

  • Exotics

    If you are not driving a Tesla, you are driving a fled flintstone mobile.

    • Mr. EP9

      That is absurd and ignorant.

    • Matteo Tommasi

      If you ARE driving a tesla, you are driving a washing machine

    • Matt

      Wrong, the vehicles in the Flinstone’s didn’t have engines.

  • Ben

    In all seriousness, I don’t have a problem with Tesla. However, I just don’t like blind followers that disrespect other cars and their owners because they’re ICE. Also, Elon’s outrageous statements don’t help either. But objectively, I’d like to see Tesla succeed, however they’re falling into the issue of being “first”.

    Usually, the first person to do something or perform at a certain level gets surpassed by those who learn from their mistakes and takes a plotted path rather than being a trail blazer. Tesla seems to get distracted and doing more than they need to in certain areas instead of what they should.

    I think Tesla doesn’t have an identity. Outside of being electric, what is Tesla really known for? What can you say about their vehicles that’s not related to being electric? Not much. Sooner or later, Mercedes, BMW, Honda, Toyota, etc will be in the same market, yet bring their own identity. They’ll be Mercedes’ that just happen to be all electric. Wish for the best.

    • HD

      All of these are unique to Tesla: Tesla leads autonomous driving, they have the best acceleration of EV’s (even ICE’s…), they are the only ones with lots of quirky stuff to play with, they have the biggest displays, and known to have the best crash tests. No other manufacturer gives free automated updates that makes your car better. No other manufacturer has a gigantic refueling infrastructure of its own.

      What’s Toyota known for? What’s BMW known for? Even though they are much older brands, I would have harder time to compile a list of their uniqueness, because nowadays most car makers do the same stuff.

      • Ben

        If you need to ask what Toyota and BMW are known for, you might be on the wrong website. Tesla, if anything is known for their aesthetic (outside of electric powertrain). You could make the case they compete with Volvo in minimalism design, however, I think Volvo does it better(subjective). That being said, Volvo is known for their safety innovations too. A lot of these driver aid technologies premiered on Volvo’s or were refined by the brand.

        Yes, you are correct that Tesla is known for quirky things. Like the videogame sim while charging, security cams, and valet feature. However, those are easily replicated if so desired. An example would be RAM’s new 12inch Uconnect display. Ford is also going for the portrait-style display with the Explorer(albeit smaller). My point is some automakers do boast their tech features (Audi), but they don’t hang their hat on that alone.

        When the big boys catch up in technology, what will Tesla have left? Minimalism? Quirky features if you tap the screen enough times? Tesla hasn’t built much of an identity outside of being an electric car.

        • HD

          I hope the big boys catch up. They had many years and still far away. Me as an electric car fan I can just hope for strong competition! I have already listed Teslas strength. There are many that cannot be replicated as easily as the on board video games: world-wide charging infrastructure, battery manufacturing, auto-updates, data from autonomous driving.

          • Ben

            Don’t worry about it, the “big boys” have been around before you were born and will be around after we’re gone. Tesla has been able to get where its at by taking advantage of being “first” in the market and government/business generosity. GM, Toyota, VAG don’t need that. They’ve got money to work for them.

            Building an infrastructure isn’t difficult, especially if they’re able to make it profitable to third parties such as franchises. As for autonomous driving, its currently not a deal breaker for more than a majority of buyers. Nobody is turning down luxury vehicles strictly because they cannot drive themselves. More people are interested in the inclusion of CarPlay than autonomous driving. Its nice to have, but the technology isn’t that much in demand as marketing would have you think.

        • James Watadza

          Isn’t Tesla known for its safety as well? Power and resistance to rolling over

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