Audi E-Tron Fleet Crosses 10 Countries, Does 1,600 Km In 24 Hours

The 2020 e-tron has covered a distance of over 1,600 kilometers (994 miles) across 10 European countries in 24 hours as part of an Audi publicity stunt aimed at demonstrating its EV’s abilities as a long-distance cruiser.

On August 20, nine journalists climbed aboard three e-tron 55 quattros and embarked on the tour that took them from Lake Bled in Slovenia to Amsterdam in the Netherlands over the course of 24 hours. Their 1,600-kilometer tour included Austria, Italy, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Covering this distance in 24 hours was made possible by the e-tron’s 150-kW fast-charging capability. Using direct-current charging at high-power charging stations, the lithium-ion battery of the reaches 80 percent of its capacity in just under 30 minutes. Obviously, this saves lots of time on long trips such as the 1,600-km tour.

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Each of the three e-trons made seven charging stops during the tour: in Kärnten, South Tyrol, Vorarlberg, in the Canton of Zurich, in the Breisgau, in the Eifel, and near Liège. These stations are also integrated into the e-tron Charging Service, along with the AC charging stations where the e-tron can recharge using up to 11 kW of alternating current. In total, Audi’s proprietary charging service covers around 100,000 charging points in 19 EU countries.

“Our electric SUV is an excellent long-distance car because it perfectly combines a high degree of ride comfort, performance and efficiency,” explains Hans-Joachim Rothenpieler, Audi Board of Management Member for Technical Development. “On the journalists’ tour we’ve also shown that, apart from the range itself, fast-charging capability with 150 kW is crucially important,” the executive added.


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  • Knotmyrealname

    EV’s have nothing to prove anymore.
    They (can) provide supercar performance with angst-free range.People just need to change their mindset.

    • Rimas Kurtinaitis

      People just need to change their mindset, and investors (or states themselves) just need to further expand the DC charger network across Europe. Let’s not forget about that.

      • Knotmyrealname

        Agree, Let’s go tell those oil barons and the Saudi’s what to do with their oil.

    • DanSemering

      You are right!
      If you have 2 cars in the family …you must consider the second one to be a EV

    • Mr. EP9

      Not everyone cares about supercar performance some people want range, affordability, and daily usability without having to charge each night. Some people do tend to forget and don’t want to be stranded on the side of the road because of that. Until EVs do that, demanding people change their minds is silly.

      • Owen Morgan

        Last time I was stranded was in 1988 when I ran out of gas. The people who don’t pay attention to the gauge and run out are the same people who would run out of gas.

      • Knotmyrealname

        That’s what I posted. They ARE able to provide supercar performance, which is not necessary for the average Joe. It therefore can be dialled back to provide adequate performance with the benefit of better range.

  • Aeromann

    In French étron means poo… ???

    • We all saw elon’s tweet… old meme..

    • Daniela Wolf

      etron /= e-tron

      • Aeromann


  • I bet they listen to the sound of silent all the way..

  • Marc Gruben

    Maybe I’m looking at this wrong, but 994 miles with seven “refueling stops” equates to 142 miles between stops. Not impressed. My Altima covers almost 500 miles between stops (and that’s combined city & highway driving). And I don’t spend 30 minutes at the pump every time. Granted, I also wouldn’t be spending $40 a pop at the recharge station either. However, I drive between 25-30k miles per year so for me, range is more important. Until somebody makes a voltswagen that covers a realistic 400 miles between charges without hypermiling, allows me a 15-minute max recharge time, and costs $35k max on the road, I’ll stick with engines that run on liquified dinosaurs.

    • HD

      99% of the time you plug your electric car and go do your things, or simply sleep. You don’t spend the time standing and waiting for it to charge. Most people spend way less time charging EV’s than they used to fuel their ICE cars before. This is exactly the reason.

      • Marc Gruben

        Except that I don’t go and “do my things” while my car is being fueled. I fuel up and I go. It’s not uncommon for me to drive 100-200 miles in a day just doing “things”. When I lived in California, I drove from L.A. up to the SF Bay Area just to have dinner with some friends, and then drove home the same night. I drove from Los Angeles to the Jersey Shore in a little over 50 hours. In fact, on that trip I detoured almost 20 miles out into the New Mexico desert because I saw a sign that said “gourmet jerky” and I had to find the place. (It was worth it, too).

        When I first moved to Jersey, I left my house on a Sunday afternoon and drove 122 miles to Cape May simply because I wanted to see the place. By the time I arrived, around 5PM, everything was closing up. I spent maybe 30 minutes total in Cape May – watched an awesome flag ceremony at Sunset Beach – and then drove back home

        I love being out on the road and have been known on more than one occasion to take a detour simply to see where a particular road goes.

        Electric cars, while I love the idea, simply aren’t at a level where they will work for me. I’ve read about several advances in motor efficiency, as well as graphene battery technology. I’ve no doubt that the electric car specs I want will eventually be a reality but as of today they still aren’t.


        • HD

          You don’t understand what I wrote. When you go on your typical day 100 to 200 miles that means you do not spend a single minute charging. Why? Because when you arrive home, you plug your car (20 seconds) and you go rest or do your things. Next day your car is full. You don’t have a petrol station at home, do you?! That’s the advantage of EV’s.
          The 50 hours drive you are talking about is such an exception for 99.99999% of the people that for those cases either you can plan your trip ahead with an EV, rent an ICE or if you are really that minority that does trips often then simply keep your ICE until there is an EV that is sufficient for you. For all the rest of the people in the world EV’s are already a great option, especially with the pricing and battery capacity getting better by the day.

  • jimie orleg

    My niece’s husband just got a job with Facebook where he re-writes apps to make them load 3/100 th’s of a second faster. I was flabbergasted that that amount of time matters at all. He said after the re-write, they get 100’s of thousands more people using the app than before. Happened time and time again.

    So good luck with “THAT” public and your “quick” 30 minute charge times.

  • Owen Morgan

    And Bjørn Nyland just drove a Tesla model 3 2781km (1728 miles) in 24 hours…
    In another more regular trip, a model 3 went from Florida to Ohio with 5 charging stops. Two 15 minute stops, two 20 minute stops and one 30 minute stop.
    He tells of how he stopped, plugged the car in, ran across the road to a Subway and by the time he was back in the car and ready to bite into his sandwich, the car was ready to go.

    • mist

      The point wasn’t to make the longest distance. The goal was to travel to mnay different countries and cities and they went through the Alps and Eifel mountains.
      By the way, the Etron is a silent, comfortable and luxury big SUV, not a small mediocre quality and noisy saloon.

      • HD

        Come on. Auto journalists voted the Model 3 to be the best electric car, period. Check CarWow Youtube channel for example. It may be less silent than the Audi, but makes up for it so for many things that it’s hard to list.

      • Trevor Frewin

        Model X will outdistance an audi etron. And the Model 3 is a more capable car at a far lower price than an etron, and it is hardly noisy (albeit not as quiet as the shut wagon fron The Deceitful Ones). And the poor idiotz in the out of date German monstrosity of inefficiency probably had to do most of the steering.


  • Super Rob

    Everyone does NOT have a garage. Home ownership is a little above 60% in the US. Landlords and apartments/condo’s aren’t putting in expensive chargers. Just more things the “EV’s NOW” crowd chooses to ignore. Wake up to a full battery, or as everyone else see’s the reality…half a tank of gas. My tipping point is where it’s at. You can stomp your feet in CAPS all you want, but recharge time is where it’s at. The one thing that is holding them back.


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