Can The Audi E-Tron SUV Convince You To Go Down The All-Electric Road?

The age of all-electric vehicles is well and truly here and one of the new players to the game is the Audi e-tron SUV.

Admittedly, the e-tron SUV was unveiled almost 12 months ago, but some markets are only just starting to take delivery of the all-electric rival to the Tesla Model X and Mercedes EQC. To see how the e-tron SUV copes with everyday life, the crew at CarWow jumped behind the wheel of the first examples that arrived in the UK.

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As driersspend most of their time inside a car and not actually looking at it from the outside, it is crucially important that car manufacturers design interiors which are both interesting to look at and easy-to-use.

With the e-tron, Audi has fitted no less than three huge displays. The first of these is the company’s exceptional Virtual Cockpit that houses all the important information you would find in a traditional gauge cluster. Next is the customary infotainment touchscreen in the center of the dashboard, while located beneath it is a second display that houses all the air conditioning and heating functions.

The e-tron’s cabin is also loaded with various cubby spaces that can house lots of items. The rear seats are also very spacious, a pleasant surprise considering the vehicle’s striking looks and sharp roofline. The lack of a traditional transmission tunnel also means anyone sitting in the center rear seat will have ample legroom at their disposal.

The e-tron is powered by two electric motors pumping out a combined 355 HP, and up to 420 in Boost Mode – more than enough to propel the SUV rapidly.

The question is, should one in the market for an all-electric SUV choose it over a Tesla (or maybe wait for Merc’s proposition), or should they just visit an Audi dealership and sign on the dotted line?


  • Sébastien

    Not at this price…

  • Сафиуллинь-Мухамед Рамазанов

    No she can’t but the r1s & r1t already convinced me though

  • db

    This reviewer talks too much.

    • Jawohl

      How unusual for a reviewer to do so

    • Matt

      Maybe he should stand there in silence for you? That would be really informative.

      • db

        Why do I think you are also one of those who talk too much?

        • PK

          i mean what do you think he’s suppose to do? just shut up and drive????

          • db

            Not a bad idea.

          • PK

            yeah sure….

          • PK

            i mean if you were a car journalist on youtube like this man, would you say nothing and give no insight or info while you drive????

          • db

            Why you are being so petty? You trying to lose weight or something?
            All I was saying is this guy is a motor mouth, one that I don’t enjoy watching.

            You are taking me literal. As if a guy is going to get in a car and drive with out saying a word, of course that wouldn’t fly but there is no reason for him to act like a school boy who just got laid for the first time.

            If you don’t understand that, I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings here but that is just how I see it.

          • PK


  • brn

    That’s an SUV?

    • PK

      right? it looks more like a wagon than an suv to me lol

      • Charles Bosse

        Yeah, I am pretty upset at all the wagons being labled SUV oh actually CUV oh actually just a pretty standard hatchback that you can (seriously look at the video) just barely fit a rear facing car seat in.

        And then it’s supposed to compete with the Model X that has 7 seats, or six and a consul. Sure. I don’t want whatever they are smoking because I don’t want to end up out on the street with nothing, but it sure must be good in the moment.

  • Mr. EP9

    If a manufacturer was to convince me to make the switch to an EV, it certainly won’t be Audi or Mercedes. They have crappy range with an expensive price tag. At least the Audi looks better but that’s all I can say about it.

  • Bash

    Wait few years, the price will be at the right point.

  • georgex257

    The e-tron has really poor efficiency. 90 kWh battery and around 200 miles range? Model S is a no brainer, unless you really really want a CUV, or an Audi.

    • Jawohl

      One adv with the Audi though. Atleast Audi will still exist in 5yrs unlike Tesla.

    • mist

      Only morons compare the efficiency of a low quality saloon to that a of luxury SUV.


    It looks like a fancy brick, has enough range to let you make this 500 miles trip in two and a half days, no less, and still cost you one of your beloved kidneys to own………
    Seriously……..? Isn’t somebody in Ingolstadt taking the piss……..??

    • Daniela Wolf

      Why? It sells way better than expected.
      Btw: one kidney ~ 12K


        It’s not because you find thousands of morons doing stupid moronic stuff that their work should become the new rule…..
        And the price of one kidney makes this fine piece of automotive rubbish even less relevant…..

  • SteersUright

    Looks like he’s reviewing a used car from 3 years ago. Thats not great design.

    • Jawohl

      Could be a lot worse design and look like a Lexus.

    • StrangerGP

      Audi really hates changing their design. You could say that this is the new Q7 and no one would correct you.

  • mist

    Safest electric car ever tested by IIHS.

  • StrangerGP

    Not with that laughable range it won’t.

  • onlineo

    Double the range and halve the price then I would be very interested.

  • drc

    Styling is awful, chrome trim around the windows and grill, ugly wheels (and Audi makes some nice wheels on other models). Looks like they gave the styling job to an 80-year-old engineer Oh, and the range…. but the new Q4 coming on line looks spectacular, if they stick with the design concept shown at the auto shows.

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