Black Honda S2000 Club Racer Is Very Rare, Desirable, And Relatively Affordable

Prices for Honda S2000s are on the rise and we’ve just come across one of the most desirable variants ever built for sale on Bring A Trailer.

This is no ordinary S2K, but instead a rare Club Racer. Honda only manufactured 699 examples worldwide and of those, just 269 units were finished in Berlina Black like this one. It is being sold in South Carolina with a Carfax report, factory manuals, and a clean Michigan title in the seller’s name.

In November last year, we wrote about a similar S2000 CR that was up for sale, but that model was painted Apex Blue Pearl, had a mere 3,985 miles (6,413 km) under its belt and an asking price of $79,000.

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By comparison, this Berlina Black example has 57,000 miles (91,732 km) on the clock and certainly won’t sell for that much. At the time of writing, bidding had hit $25,250, with three days left in the auction.

Images confirm that the car retains its factory hardtop and fixed rear wing that came as standard in CR spec. Sadly, it was involved in a minor collision in October 2009 and received a new trunk lid and refinished rear bumper. However, we don’t think that should dissuade those in the market for a rare and exciting Japanese sports car that is bound to increase in value in the coming years.

Powering the S2000 Club Racer is the same 237 HP, naturally aspirated 2.0-liter four as other AP2-generation S2Ks. Modifications present on the CR include stiffened springs, dampers, and sway bars. There are also less restrictive exhaust mufflers, steering rack stiffeners, and a revised bodykit.

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  • Ben

    Great car…if you’re not tall.

    • Dude

      Really? My 6’5 friend’s current car is a MR2 spyder and his last car was an NA Miata

      • Ben

        Yeah, both cars I know tall people can fit in. My father, brother, sister and myself have all driven my father’s miatas and we’re all clear over 6’0 tall. I don’t know about the MR2, but I’ve heard the S2000 is notoriously difficult for taller folk. My guess is if you were mainly tall torso, you could make it work, but leg space seems to be the issue.

      • Six_Tymes

        Ben is not telling truth. I owned a 2008 S2000, my brother is 6.1″ and drove it for years, he bought it from me and never complained.

        • Ben

          I should have clarified, “Great car, but if you’re tall you might not fit”. I checked my own anecdotal evidence against Honda S2000k forums and blogs. Forums usually had drivers that could fit, but complained about knee room and width restriction, unable to heel and toe properly or it being only suitable for a “weekend car”. Naturally, most people on the forums could “fit”, but advised other tall folk check in person before buying.

          Blogs had the same responses, but had more variety of people who said they tried it and it just wasn’t a good fit. Some were thin and tall, while others either carried a lot of muscle or fat. Some could fit, others could fit with exceptions, while some just couldn’t comfortably own the car.

          Then there was the factor of inseam, people with a taller torso usually had an easier time, unless they had to wear a helmet when on track. People who have larger inseams or wider thighs usually reported they couldn’t fit or driving for extended periods of time was too uncomfortable.

          In the end, it depends on your particular body shape and what you consider “tall”. This post on a Honda S2000 forum(s2ki) by user Matt15 is an example of the largest variable, Driver preference: “yea i let my buddy that’s 6’8″ 200lbs take my car for a drive, his knees were pretty much in his face but surprisingly said it wasn’t that hard to drive. though as an owner i’m 6′ 175lbs and to me that seems like almost the maximum size for daily driving comfort.”

        • mrspeedr .

          Well, I’d love to have an S2K, however at 6′ 2″, 210lb my eyes are at the top edge of the windshield and my (normal) butt does not fit in the narrow seats. Same with the Miata, but the seating position is better for my butt. 🙁

  • Sartis

    A 2.0L CR? Never heard of one. Unless they swapped an F20C. Might want to re-check your information there, Brad.

    • Nastinupe1911

      Yeah… that’s a 2.2L

  • Cle_Clowns_fan

    Front body kit ruins it for me. Vomit.

  • SteersUright

    Cool car but I’d never spend that much on it. You’re talking Corvette C8 money. How on earth could you compare this to that?

  • Nastinupe1911

    I owned two S2000’s and they were underpowered and handled horribly. Looking back I should have purchased a Porsche Boxster instead, but I was caught up in the hype. I don’t miss them at all.

    • Ben

      What did you replace it with?

  • Wandering_Spirit

    79k? I love the car but as usual we’re in the province of unreal. 30k maybe…..maybe

  • Vassilis

    Not the prettiest example

  • Krisnadi Imam

    come on honda, go get MB to reskin their AMG GT as Honda S4000 or something. Toyota did the supra with BMW, why can’t u?

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