BMW X6 Gets Painted In Vantablack, The World’s Blackest Black

BMW has unveiled a new X6 painted in Vantablack that it will show to the world at the upcoming Frankfurt Auto Show.

Vantablack is known as the world’s blackest black and videos online of objects painted in Vantablack truly boggle the mind. Vantablack was first introduced by a company called Surrey NanoSystems in 2014. It absorbs 99.965 per cent of light making the human eye view a 3D object as it was 2D.

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The surface is made up of tiny carbon nanotubes that are around 5000 times thinner than a human hair, meaning approximately one billion of these tiny nanotubes fit into one square centimeter. This means that virtually all light hitting the surface is absorbed rather than reflected. As far as we’re aware, this is the first time a car has been painted Vantablack.

The Vantablack adorning the BMW X6 is the company’s VBX2 variant that was initially developed for use in architectural and scientific applications. Unlike the original Vantablack finish that absorbs almost all light, VBX2 allows for one per cent of light to be reflected so those viewing the car can still get a sense of the car’s shape. The coating can be sprayed on as if it was regular paint.

“To be honest, we received inquiries from most of the big-name automotive manufacturers, almost from the day we launched the original material in 2014, but we’d always said no,” Vantablack inventor and founder of Surrey NanoSystems said. “This was also due to the fact that we only had a suitable material once we came up with VBx2. When we were approached by BMW, we were still quite hesitant to begin with. But the new X6 looked so incredibly different that it just felt like a really good fit.”

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  • I’m so glad that they did this #BLACKLIVESMATTER

    • Jean Mirabel

      LOL, good one.

    • Some ol’ bloke

      U joking or for real? Just curious…

      • Are you for real? How can it be a joke? ..White Supermercy..

        • Some ol’ bloke

          Are you criticising your own race?

          • How dare you how dare you… You don’t know my race! Sir or mam..

          • Some ol’ bloke

            Look, I don’t know you’re race, and I apologise if It caused you offence, I was just assuming (which you shouldn’t) That the profile pic was you…

          • Well, the profile picture is Queen Tan from Buzzfeed… YOu should know.. Also, i’m offended for what your said and really hurted me.please delete your message and say you’re sorry!

          • Some ol’ bloke

            I am very Sorry… Now I think about it that picture seems familiar and I have deleted my comments……

          • Ben

            He’s trolling you.

      • How can you think it s a joke?… White kids, nowdays

  • Adi

    It’s funny how BMW did this the same day GLE Coupe was revealed. They wanted to steal some attention from Mercedes LOL.

    • PK

      it’s going to fail lol

    • I don’t see how that is funny… ? You humor is strange. But what about the rainforest? Funny that IT IS BURNING?

      • Adi

        You know what’s funny? That you’re trolling here all day long. Like do you go to work or is trolling your work? I think that most people on this site don’t even get your SJW “jokes” as they’re not the age category that you’re targeting. You’re just wasting your time and energy.

  • Enter Ranting

    Good. The less I see of that thing the better.

  • Finkployd

    the sheetmetal is hidden, all the focus is on the plastic bits 😬

  • LJ

    Imagine if they could apply this technology to military uniforms. Night missions would be more terrifying for the enemy than they already are.

    • Steven Strain

      It only absorbs in the visible light spectrum. It does nothing for infrared etc. so it’s easily detected via the usual methods infrared, radar etc.

      Since this is unnaturally black. It might have the opposite affect, instead of hiding you it might make you stand out more.

  • Knotmyrealname

    V.A.N.T.A. = Vertically Aligned Nano Tube Array

  • Some ol’ bloke

    If they just painted over the headlights then sanded the paint back so that the shape looked less awful…..

    • SamBamm

      ..and paint out that strange and ugly grill and DON’T sand through it.

  • Bob

    This and the 5GT is where BMW started going very wrong for me.

    Everytime I meet someone who likes this thing, I immediately know that we can’t be friends.

  • LJ

    This is true.

  • sidewaysspin

    Germans sure are drawn to black..

  • JRP

    If Porsche wants to use paint camo for testing upcoming cars to test their aerodynamics, they should use this because if they don’t want people to actually see the car yet they shouldn’t straight up paint it fucking black. Porsche is terrible at camo.

  • Jason Panamera

    It looks like poor visualisation of a car model to the GTA game.


    The painter is dressed like a doctor in a infectious disease containment facility.
    Maybe with good reason…considering the material being used.

  • Bart

    This vantablack thing is what should cover all of the fake vents and the fake exhausts out there.


  • Astonman

    thanks for the share

  • Ary Wisesa

    I think it could pose high safety risk for both the car itself and the other cars on the road, especially in very dark surroundings. It’s almost invisible to other drivers, especially in very dark surroundings like pitch black night, power outage, unlit forest and country roads, and even in dark parking basement. Even with its headlights on, it’s still dangerous if the overall body shape can’t be perceived. The situation could more much more dangerous when the car is parked on the road side during power outage and no moonlight, somebody could be unaware of its existence and those tiny reflectors don’t help either.

  • Subi-Rubicon1

    I know I’m in the minority, but this is absolutely fabulous! Love it!

  • PoisonEagle

    What an eyesore. It looks like a meth addict added 200 layers of primer.

  • Some ol’ bloke

    thank you

  • Steven Strain

    The best option of course is a cloaking device to hide the hideousness entirely. That technology is proving difficult.

  • Dennis James

    Lipstick on a pig.

  • Ricki Boo

    truly stupid.

  • Aeromann

    Il like the colour but this car is ugly.

  • kenny the pig

    hope it has an air conditioner with a frigid setting, this would cook a chicken in my part of the world.

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