Sentry Mode’s Onboard Cameras Catch Vandal Keying A Tesla Model 3

Tesla’s Sentry mode has proved its usefulness once again, capturing the moment a young man keyed a blue Model 3 for no apparent reason.

The following incident happened in Dorschester, Massachusetts last Thursday. Initially, it shows a man wearing black clothes entering a Target store at 9:16 a.m. that morning. Fast forward to 10:34 a.m. and the man can be seen walking towards the Tesla with headphones in and pulling a set of keys out of his pocket.

Very subtlety, he sticks out his arm as he walks down the side of the Tesla, keying it from just in front of the front door all the way to the middle of the rear door. As he walks away, he looks back at his handiwork, perhaps admiring his “handiwork”.

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In the months since Tesla introduced the Sentry model for the Model 3, the system which uses the car’s various cameras has captured numerous incidents of people vandalizing cars or breaking into them. It has become so common that we would have thought would-be criminals would know by now that, if they approach a Tesla suspiciously, they can be assured that the car will record whatever they’re doing. Evidently, criminals like these aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed – or, probably, know nothing about the latest car tech.

John Ho, the owner of this particular Model 3, filed a police report shortly after the incident and provided authorities with the video as evidence.




  • Bash

    That is just sick. That man has issues.

    • Thunderbolt

      Be careful identify the gender or you can get a fine.

      • Bash

        lol that person, that human, that being.

  • This is something I expect in Europe.

    • Joe

      Why..? Americans aren’t elevated as people in any way.

      • I lived and worked in various European countries and it is common place for high-end luxury cars to get keyed. This is a somewhat new phenomena here in the US.

        • Henrik Voss

          If I’m not mistaken, Vincent Vega got his car keyed in Pulp Fiction, and that movie is 25 years old 😉

      • Six_Tymes

        scum has been spreading for many years. only wealthy live in safe expensive areas. scum rarely visit those wealthy states or areas within.

    • iddqd

      nope, here 8 y.o. kids with their mothers get thrown under trains, so there’s that.

  • Six_Tymes

    Another Ultra DBAG

  • charlie bear

    Filthy scum,

  • Mr. EP9

    What an absolute jerk. Literally had no reason to do that.

  • LJ

    He was triggered by the Tesla’s white privilege.

  • cooper

    Just another jealous pos. Hopefully the pos get some days in jail.

    • William rowe

      yea he is probably jealous he cant rip off the poor too like the rich do

  • GobbleUp

    F this POS up.

  • Ben

    At times, I lose faith in humanity. To restore it, I watch videos of people rescuing abandoned/hurt pets.

  • KRogers86

    Looks like the kind of scumbag I’d love to pummel at an Antifa rally.

    • Vassilis

      You’re not much better than him then I’m afraid

      • KRogers86

        Spoken like an NPC.

        • Vassilis


  • Eythan Aldrich

    his “handiworK” I rate 0/10

  • cat

    That sentry mode should have a pursuit mode to run over that vandal!

  • Dennis James

    Why would people do something like this ? It’s incredible…

    I would throw him in jail for 6 months.

  • Brian

    No Tesla for that guy !

  • BlackPegasus

    He walks like a chimpanzee. Obvious mental deficiencies going on.

    • Karl

      And here we thought you were a human being all this time BlackPegasus!


    Black, of course

    • William rowe

      of course you would only say that on the internet

      • F30FLORIPA

        I can`t tell the color of the car off the internet ?

    • trucks doing sedan stuff

      The first “black” vandal of a Tesla. All so far have been white KKKonservatives like yourself. Look in the mirror, demon.

  • TB

    What a Douchebag

  • Ben

    Wait…anybody notice he didn’t have sunglasses coming towards the car, but did looking back? Where did the glasses come from? They weren’t in his hands.

    • William rowe

      he probly took them out of his pocket, there is a point we dont see him from the back bumper till the back door

  • William rowe

    I dont know who I cant stand more, the punk that did this or yet another tesla snub..

  • trucks doing sedan stuff

    Funny race comes in when it’s a black guy. Up til now it’s all been KKKonservative whites. Look in the mirror.

    • Tesla

      The guy was black? he looks part white and part black.
      Think YOU are the racist?

      • Karl

        No you are the racist here! All Teslas keying videos I have seen so far has been people other than black! Get a life,better yet grow a brain if that’s possible.

        • Tesla

          ..and what are you going to do about it? Key my Tesla..?

          • Karl


      • trucks doing sedan stuff

        LOL. Human stupidity. It has no limits. Look at this thread. You see all the anti-black racism? You can’t be so idiotic as to pretend that in our white supremacist caste system that visibly “black” traits doesn’t get someone classed as “black”.

        Stupidity knows no bounds. SMH.

  • trucks doing sedan stuff

    So much racism in this thread it’s sickening. So much knuckle dragging stupidity. You build up and maintain a racist caste system and it produces an underclass and you’re so poorly evolved intellectually that you can’t see it’s YOUR doing. Talk about lack of intelligence…

    • Karl

      Bravo indeed! I have seen countless videos of people keying Teslas and 99.9% of the time they were not black or brown people!

  • sidewaysspin

    People are angry these days, vandalism everywhere.

  • Mat

    He should pay NICE fine for this… What an idiot

  • trucks doing sedan stuff

    Wow, you really should stop while you’re ahead. First, the issue being discussed is the racism directed toward the “black” guy despite the fact that There have been countless white Tesla vandals. No racism has been directed at them. They’ve been judged as individuals. Entire populations uninvolved haven’t been the subject of judgment when the vandals (99%) were white.

    The issue is not the “race” of the driver. The issue is the RACISM directed at ALL BLACK PEOPLE because this ONE GUY who did something wrong is classed at black.

    I’ve spelled it out for you. I bet you and others with unquestioned conscious and subconscious racism still won’t get it so I’ll do it again.

    Direct your disapproval at the ACT and the BEHAVIOR of the INDIVIDUAL. Don’t direct it at EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING who happens to be classed in the same caste a the individual. THEY have absolutely nothing to do with it.

    I know, it’s a difficult leap for many subtle and not-so-subtle racists to get but you can’t say the point hasn’t been spelled out for you.

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