Biker Commits Epic Overtaking Blunder, Is Lucky To Survive

Meet one of the most irresponsible motorcycle riders we’ve seen on video in a long time. Not only was he in the middle of an illegal overtaking maneuver when the accident happened, but he also began the maneuver at the worst possible time.

First, he was over the solid white line as he went past the dashcam vehicle. Then, he completely ignored the fact that the trailer ahead was limiting his visibility around that right-hand turn. And as if all that wasn’t bad enough, he actually went ahead despite not being able to see around the corner.

The only positive here is that both the rider and his passenger managed to walk away without sustaining any major injuries, as per the description of the video. Given the nature of the crash, we’d say they were both lucky to simply be alive.

What saved them, arguably, was the fact that the impact with that Suzuki Grand Vitara wasn’t head-on. Instead, the bike clipped the side of the Japanese crossover and began to wobble before throwing both rider and passenger off as if it was a angry bull.

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Had this been a head-on crash, the two would have been thrown off even more violently, at a much higher rate of deceleration. Notice that in reality, the bike had time to slow down its momentum as it wobbled around.

As for how we’d rank this incident in terms of recklessness, it’s probably really high up there along with that high-speed crash from a few months ago in Brazil. Some people just need to learn to have patience.


  • Six_Tymes

    that poor passenger, under the control of this idiot.

  • salamOOn

    there is no way you could make it even more stupid than this….. maybe if he would have been holding a beer in his right hand…..

    • Astonman

      LOL! Agree! except it would have to be his left hand – the right is for the throttle.

  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    Some bikers sure seem to think they have immortality built into their leathers.

  • Jay

    Interesting, the car that hit the bike was in a lane that was ending. They were trying to overtake as well.

    • Bram Morel

      why should’nt he overtake? Was a double lane, no problem. The bike was on the opposite side, over the white line… Don’t blame this on the car driver…

      • Jay

        Not blaming te other car Im saying they were trying to overtake in a lane that was ending. The bike was in the wrong, no argument about that. All the reason I started with interesting…

    • Tom

      Sorry, but there are only two ones doing a big fail.
      To overtake in this place, in that situaton is a no go for a biker, who will live for longer time. They are also responsible for guys on the back seat and all other road users. They have played with other life.
      Poor stupid idiot’s 😤😡🤮

  • Super Rob

    C’mon Darwin, show them how it’s done.

  • alex.remsen

    deez goddamn eediots. thank god they came out unscathed so I can laugh at them from the bottom of my soul

  • Knotmyrealname

    To the rider: I hope it’s painful. To the passenger: sorry you had to be part of this.

    • Bo Hanan


  • Ben

    Served priority mail.

  • Mynameis Taylor

    the biker made an en epic error. But damn, people are so mean.

  • McFly

    I see a couple of decent people, getting out of their cars to help.
    When a person is on the ground, the teaching of the lesson has pretty much been taken care of already.

    That said, it always amazes me how big risks MC riders are prepared to take. If I was driving my car sitting on the bonnet, I would probably take more care, not less.

    • Mark

      Lol, that’s a sight to imagine. #hoodriving

  • Wandering_Spirit

    That biker doesn’t look really smart. I won’t go as far as saying he deserved it because i don’t in this specific case. But Jesus if he’s dumb.

    • lucas

      He is a criminal.

      • Wandering_Spirit

        Not really for me. But his persistence on the immediacy of the opposite lane in the obstinate attempt to find a window denotes a very stupid mentality. Could have waited 20 seconds and complete the passing safely. I wouldn’t allow him to ride anymore. Not because of his speed, which is reasonable for a fast biker (things work differently in terms of space and time on bikes). It is really his riding style that is dangerous. In particular the failure to follow the first rule of a biker, which is to always look ahead, much farther than a car driver does and avoid those maneuvers when navigating blind spots. He did all what a basic biker shouldn’t do. Didn’t look ahead properly. Had not field of vision and kept on close to the other car and on the opposite lane without knowing what was behind. It is not a criminal. He is really an idiot. The ensuing outcome of his stupidity does edge into the criminal. But i see a lot of stupidity and maybe a tad of testosterone rash.

  • cooper

    Low IQ and a motorcycle = natural selection
    The person that really suffered is the driver that ran into this moron.

  • Dredd2

    bikers are simple morons most of the time, there are some exceptions but not too many

  • benT

    Lucky to be able to walk !

  • Smith

    He deserved to be hospitalized for a long long time, such a shame he walked away from this idiot move!

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