Kia Driver Cuts Off Rider Who Lands On Hood, Then Angrily Smashes Windshield

Here’s yet another classic case of being at fault versus poor judgement, where both parties did something they shouldn’t have, although the driver was definitely legally bound to wait until the motorcycle rider had passed before executing that left turn.

Unfortunately, the driver of the Kia took their sweet time turning, and while we understand that he first had to give way to a white/silver minivan, in the end, he was still obligated to check if the coast was clear. Alas, that didn’t happen and the rider crashed into the Korean sedan.

Not your straightforward car-bike accident

A good 4-5 seconds pass after the Kia comes into view and the actual moment of impact. During this time, the rider could have decelerated (even though he wasn’t going that fast), or even come to a complete halt. Instead, he chose to rev his motor, either by mistake or to let the driver know he was there.

Regardless of why it happened, once the throttle was applied instead of the brake, there was certainly no turning back and next thing you know, the rider ends up standing on the car’s hood.

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The rider didn’t appear to sustain any major injuries, telling people at the scene that he was OK. At the same time, we certainly can’t condone the type of behavior where you kick in somebody’s windshield. That was completely unnecessary.  We understand being angry, shaken up and everything in-between, but the car itself had no fault with what happened, only the driver.


  • Nobody

    Just a couple of idiots that shouldn’t be driving or riding until they get some brains.

    • Alduin

      Brains? Clearly they both have none.

  • salamOOn

    next time braking before revving, idiot.

  • ace_9

    Majority of bikers are dangerous. Baseball bat in a car or something even more serious is a necessity when dealing with them, because talking is completely out of the question.

    • Sovereignty

      Motorcyclists generally have more to lose if an impact occurs so are somewhat more sensitive to poor driving. I’ve been a pillion passenger on a number of occassions when a car pulls out of, or attempts to pull out of a side road, right in front of the motorbike. Drivers always act like it’s never their fault, or worse – that it was the fault of the motorcyclist – even when the motorcycle is doing a the speed limit. I’ve never been shy at riasing my middle finger at the driver, even though they’ll just believe they are some sort of precious victim in it all.

      Here in the UK, most drivers would fail an eye sight test if carried out by police at the side of the road. If drivers can’t see properly, they shouldn’t be driving!

      • ace_9

        I’m not saying that bike rider is always to blame. I’m only saying, they are usually very aggressive and there is no way of reasonably talking with them regardless of who is to blame. I believe most people wouldn’t intentionally hit a biker, so they should not be treated that way. But I agree with you that there is a lot of drivers not paying enough attention to surroundings or even capable of paying the attention. That’s however a different matter. But of course they can be aggressive too. But from what I saw in many videos and even in real life (thankfully I was not a participant), the bikers are practically always aggressive and don’t tolerate nothing against them, intentional or not.

        • Sovereignty

          “practically always aggressive and don’t tolerate nothing against them, intentional or not”. The same could be said of any Audi driver.

          I know many bikers that are perfectly reasonable. However, many drivers don’t understand that it can take less than a second for things to go from perfectly safe to imminent death for bikers. I guess the majority of them want to get home in one piece and not in a box.

  • Aeromann

    Is it in Detroit?

  • Jason Miller

    Across 3 lanes to make a turn. Brilliant.

  • Six_Tymes

    smash deserved

  • LJ

    I don’t understand what either of them were doing.

  • Six_Tymes

    kia driver is a halfwit


      No it’s the biker, moron. Those idiots think they are high mighty on the road. Don’t like those buffoons

      • Jason Miller

        He didn’t say anything about the biker, and the Kia driver cut across 3 lanes to make that turn. He’s a halfwit.

        • TB

          Right but the biker could have avoided it…instead he accelerated. He saw the Kia. I’d say both are at fault.


          You’re going to side with a careless biker that only cares about himself and not other by following a simple traffic rule. SMH You americans can be silly sometimes

  • Didou

    He could have avoided the car by the right hand side, basic maneuver.

    Wrong choice of bike too if you ride the city. This can’t move easily unless it has some speed.

    Revving is so agressive and stupid, focus on riding.

  • charlotteharry57

    Shame the bike rider kid didn’t break his foot.


    KKKops need to get idiots(biker) like that off the road. That’s some real police work instead of harassing people.

    • KRogers86

      The social justice is strong with this one…

  • Ray Filetti

    KIA driver cut the biker off?

  • Salih Ahzem

    As I person who regularly rides in addition to driving, need to say biker could have avoided that easily, look closely and you see the biker was sliding out of his lane too, try to stay in lane when going in a corner in city otherwise you cannot see what can happen next, as this biker did.

  • Jawohl

    Dam Kia drivers

  • Margie

    Car driving down 3 lane road. Car was turning left from the far right lane. Car at fault. pretty simple.

    • salamOOn

      the main point is that dude still could save his bike and avoid the crash by doing the right thing to do. he didnt do the right thing in that situation.

      • Aeromann

        Because he’s impulsive.
        And in any cases he should not do what he did after the accident!

      • Margie

        And what would be the right thing in that situation? Come to a complete stop to allow someone to cross his path? 2 wrongs don’t make a right, but 2 wrongs do make an accident. Can one be less guilty than the other?

  • TRB0T0Y

    Ideally this driver will take this incident as a lesson on when to brake, instead of revving his engine like a whiny little brat. And why post the fact he parks like a moron too? Always a joy to see a booted motorcyclist.

  • Kelly

    Fault lies on both levels. As a fellow rider, I’m highly disappointed by this rider. If he knew how to handle his bike, he could’ve easily avoided this and would’ve been on his way.
    Other rider disappointments:
    1: No side mirrors
    2: Illegal Parking.
    3. Kicking in the windshield will not work in his favor. (sure he landed on his hood, but again..avoidable)

    • brn

      Agree with all but #3. Sure, it wasn’t a good idea, but given the circumstances, it may have been the best method of releasing his frustration. He then [mostly] walked it off.

  • KRogers86

    No, I just don’t think in absolutes.

  • Porkopolis

    It’s an unfortunate yet simple fact that motorcyclists (and pickup truck drivers) are generally nothing but entitled punks in the US, so I have no sympathy when clearly the Kia driver is not a city driver and thought he was on a two-lane street.


    Only a moron would take this comment as an insult. Man, you americans are really emotional when it comes to a simple question. Are you a beta male by any chance?

    • brn

      Keep trying.

  • Antonio

    It’s bike boy fault. Obviously.
    I’m glad he registered everything!
    It will be easier to punish him.

  • Paul

    Adding insult to injury. The Kia driver was stupid for that three lane stunt, but the biker didn’t need to push things to that level either.

  • Khanaar

    Kicking in a windshield is definitely better than kicking in a hood. Cheaper to replace. But still im sure the kia has some dents on the drivers side. But yeah. Biker definitely could have done something to avoid.

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