Motorcycle Rider Narrowly Escapes Getting Hit By Car

We all know that riding on two wheels is a lot more dangerous than surrounding yourself with multiple doors, windows and airbags, so one would think a motorbike rider’s number one priority would be safety.

Of course, people on two wheels often ignore that and are either speeding or putting themselves in a position to get hurt by not being aware of their surroundings.

This incident is a perfect example of that type of danger cocktail. The crash occurred in Newcastle, Australia and as far as we’re concerned, the rider was very lucky not to impact the car.

The driver of the dashcam car also did his part by braking once he saw the rider getting flung his way. This type of crash can often go horribly wrong for everyone involved, especially when speeds are higher and drivers less attentive.

Here’s what the driver had to say:

“Fella took the corner a little too fast, but seemed fine afterwards – although there was a little bit of shock, as he rode off without a chance for me to get out of the car (short conversation through the window). He apologized and no damage was done to my car. I noticed a fair bit of fluid pouring from the bottom of his bike as he drove away.”