Hennessey Believes Bugatti’s Top Speed Chiron Prototype May Have Had 2,000 HP

John Hennessey says the Bugatti Chiron prototype that the French automaker used to blast through the 300 mph (482 km/h) barrier could have as much as 2,000 hp on tap.

Bugatti itself claims that the top speed prototype pumps out 1,578 hp from its quad-turbocharged 8.0-liter W16 engine. That would give it a 100 hp bump over the Chiron Sport. Hennessey is not convinced, and speaking with Top Gear, said Bugatti is probably being conservative.

“I’m really intrigued by how much horsepower Bugatti’s engine was really making on the run. To run 40+ mph faster than the Chiron Sport that TG tested on the same track would take a lot more than a 100bhp bump, lowered suspension and some rear aero adjustments,” Hennessey said. “We’re guessing that their one-off Chiron was pushing closer to 2,000bhp. Saying that, I am most impressed by Michelin. How that team was able to validate a tire capable of 300+ mph is great. We knew that their tires were capable of this and Bugatti helped them prove it.”

While Bugatti may have been the first automaker to exceed 300 mph, the fact that it didn’t do so in both directions means the 304.77 mph (490.47 km/h) has not been verified by Guinness and Hennessey believes the race for the true production car top speed record is still on.

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“I believe that the race to a production series 300mph (with a two-way average speed) road car is still on and that this title remains up for grabs,” he said. “Our goal is still to build the fastest and most exciting road car with the best power-to-weight ratio. F5 will be at least 450kg lighter than the Chiron, and will have more power than they are claiming. We can beat it and have a couple of highways in the USA where we think we would have enough room to hit our absolute top speed, but we would prefer to do this in Texas if possible.”

The Hennessey Venom GT once held a claim to the title of the world’s fastest production car after hitting 270.4 mph (435 km/h) in 2014, but that speed wasn’t verified by Guinness as it wasn’t the average from two runs and the Texas tuner received some flak for it. Hennessey plans on doing everything by the book with the Venom F5.

“We congratulate our friends at Bugatti on reaching an amazing speed. But as a Bugatti executive once told me, ‘next time be sure to run in both directions’,” Hennessey said.

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  • Jay_Sam

    Top speed competition among manufacturers is like “who makes the biggest size socks”. Normal human can physically wear or has the foot with the size of 46 (eu size) and none wants the sock with the size of 106. Same as the physical capacity of roads in anywhere incl. german autobahn where you can reach and operate the car (safely) at up to 250 mph. (maybe I am exceeding a bit). However 300 mph? Bullshit. Put that engineering effort into somewhere useful by humankind.

    • Matteo Tommasi

      On autobahn you can operate at 155mph (250 kph). I wouldn’t recommend it though.

      • Jay_Sam

        155 is a joke for some. Ask youtube and you can see Laferrari being pushed to 235 mph (378 kph) on german autobahn.

    • Ben

      Endeavors that push engineers, scientist and other professionals to the perceived barriers of their field nearly always yield useful tangible and intangible things for humankind. The human imagination, the quest for knowledge and war drive innovation. Bugatti(Volkswagen Auto Group) can find many new methods, test theories and develop usable technology by engineering a 300mph vehicle. Motorsports has given us many technologies and methods that cars use nowadays that we may not have developed otherwise.

      • Jay_Sam

        We’ll see what will be the outcome of 300 mph road car.

        • Ben

          You’d be surprised at how many random acts of engineering have such a profound effect on humankind.

  • SteersUright

    Talk, talk, talk. The Chiron is a real car setting real records. Where the heck is this vaporware Hennessy already? By the time it comes out, that design will look dated.

    • filetx

      it already does

  • kisame

    Mr. Hennessy, the base Chiron has an electronic limiter at 261mph. That’s not it’s actual top speed. Nobody knows it’s actual top speed. It’s got lower drag, and more power than an Agera RS so the base Chiron could probably do 280+ if it’s tires could handle it.


    does koenigsegg’s record approved by guinness world of records?

    • Astonman

      yes. it was because they did 2 runs in opposite directions.

  • Alexandro Pietro

    “very” honest contender boss group…

  • Ryan

    For VAG this wouldn’t be the first time they were lying.

  • Mr Mister

    Interesting how Bugatti kept saying that top speed didn’t matter and they weren’t interested. This was definitely a ringer car and you’ll never see it put on a dyno as it’d reveal more VW group fraud.

  • Ben

    Such an over use and dependency on exclamation marks and questions marks tells me you are more apt to debating on Twitter. Which likely explains your over use of punctuation marks, in order to meet that lofty 140 character count. Engineering endeavors, small and large scale, can produce results that affect humankind. Don’t embrace ignorance.

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