Hennessey Congratulates Bugatti On Top Speed Record, Says It Wants To Hit 310.6 MPH (500 KM/H)

Fresh off a modified Bugatti Chiron prototype hitting a record 304.773 mph (490.484 km/h), Hennessey Performance congratulated the French car manufacturer on Instagram while issuing a statement of intent.

In the past 12 months or so, car manufacturers such as Hennessey and Koenigsegg have been suggesting that they will look to smash through the 300 mph barrier as it seemed Bugatti wasn’t interested in chasing a new production car top speed record. Now with Bugatti taking that prize, even though the Chiron prototype wasn’t a production model (at least not yet), Hennessey says it wants to be the first to reach 310 mph or 500 km/h.

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The Texas tuner-turned-carmaker has been developing its upcoming Venom F5 for quite some time and appears confident that it can exceed the speed recorded by its French rival.

The Hennessey Venom F5 will be underpinned by a lightweight and strong carbon fiber chassis and powered by a twin-turbocharged 7.6-liter V8 engine delivering 1600 hp and 1300 lb-ft (1760 Nm) of torque. Hennessey is also promising the Venom F5 will be an absolute animal off the line and may be able to reach 186 mph (300 km/h) in under ten seconds.

As Bugatti recorded the Chiron prototype’s 304.773 mph top speed in a single run, it doesn’t qualify for a Guinness world record as that would require a two-way average to be posted. In addition, the Chiron prototype isn’t a production model but rather a “near-production prototype.” It is speculated that Bugatti could unveil the long-rumored Chiron Super Sport in the coming weeks.

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  • Ben

    Classy move by Hennessy, but I still don’t see Bugatti as the record holder at this moment. Yes, they have shown they have the technology and ability to break the 300mph barrier, but you must do it in production spec. When vehicles such as the F40 broke 200mph, it was in production. When they F1 was the fastest car on the planet it too was production spec.

    I’m sure Bugatti will put the finishing touches on the vehicle and release it to the public, but until then, as far as I’m concerned, the first production spec vehicle to break the record will be the official record holder.

    • Tydogg123 .

      What’s the minimum number built needed to be considered a “production” car?

      • Ben

        It seems it varies from government to government. However, record keeping companies organizations like Guiness insist 50 models to be built to be considered a production vehicle. Because expensive vehicles rarely produce that many examples, a case-by-case exemption is given. However, I cannot find the written reasoning behind the exemptions. There was a technicality dispute with Bugatti(Veyron) and Hennessy(Venom) in terms of if Bugatti’s production vehicles are really the fastest vehicles. Here’s a snippet:

        “While a Veyron Super Sport did run 267.8 mph, Bugatti speed-limits its production vehicles to 258 mph,” said company founder and president, John Hennessey. “Thus, at 265.7 mph the Venom GT is the fastest production car available to the public” — a claim Hennessey has emblazoned on his web site.

        Despite reports from Fox News stating that Bugatti’s World Record Edition cars were delivered to customers without the limiter, Bugatti told us that in fact that statement is incorrect: All five World Record Editions built were sold with its restrictor in place. That, according to Jaime Strang from Guinness World Records Ltd., means the Veyron no longer holds the title as the fastest production car in the world.

        (Yahoo, 2013)

        Essentially, Bugatti was able to achieve the speed by deactivating a safety control that an owner would not be able to. This is why I say wait until the “production” model comes out before handing over the record. If you can travel at 300mph+ in a Bugatti outside of factory control, then it is the fastest production vehicle around.

        • Nastinupe1911

          They don’t want to get sued because there are no tires that can officially handle that speed for prolonged periods of time. the VW lawyers won’t allow them to remove the limiter for that reason. Hennessey is a smaller company that probably doesn’t give a damn and just wants the title so they will take the risk and hope that nobody actually does it. It’s not like people are able to hit 200+ MPH on regular roads, let alone 250+.

          • Ben

            I don’t think its about getting sued. An automaker can draw up very specific and binding contracts for owners of such a low production run vehicle. Even Dodge had somewhat of a contract warning drivers and asking them to drive accordingly due to drag tires mounted on the Demon. Look at the tight leash Ferrari has it’s customers on.

            In fact, when you take 99% of vehicles to the track, all warranties, vehicle insurance and possibly your life insurance are suspended or voided. Automaker liability does decrease or vanish if you crash at a track, regardless if the vehicle was a sports car or not.

            I don’t think Hennessy doesn’t care about the safety of its customers. Remember, Bugatti is pushing a vehicle weighing the same as a Toyota 4Runner at 300mph, that’s likely a large reason the tires might be unfit for the job.
            For comparison:
            +Bugatti Chiron: 4,360lbs
            +Koenigsegg Agera RS: 3,075lbs (1,285lbs less)
            +Hennessy Venom: 2,743lbs (1,617lbs less)

            Mind you these are curb weights and at such a high top speed these vehicle weigh more due to incredibly amounts of down force to keep the vehicles on the road. Its not fair or accurate to own the production car speed record if you only accomplished that as a prototype. Make it official I say.


    Koenigsegg is still salty about bugatti’s record

    • Aeromann

      I don’t think so.

      It’s better to have reliable tyres.

    • Matteo Tommasi

      Koenigsegg still holds the record.
      Bugatti did only one run, with a non-production car (prototype).

  • robotlogic

    Hennessey says; “that was a pretty good run for you Bugatti boys, here hold my beer”.

    • Nastinupe1911

      Then starts stretching and tightens their belt buckle… then pulls a hamstring and hobbles away.

      • Lemuel Taylor

        You forgot cricks neck, cracks knuckles, stretches back, jogs on the spot, then pulls hamstring and hobbles away. Meanwhile Koeniggsegg: when’s the race to 400?

  • Ruel Lewis

    I wish they would stop talking about it and just do it.

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