New Lamborghini Sián Breaks Cover As Brand’s First Hybrid And Most Powerful Supercar

Following a leak yesterday, Lamborghini has revealed the new Sián in its entirety as the company’s first hybrid and most powerful supercar to date.

The latest limited Lamborghini, which is set to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, is based on the Aventador platform, only it combines the naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12 with a new mild-hybrid system for a combined total output of 808 HP (819 PS).

The system uses a 48-volt, 34 HP electric motor that’s incorporated into the gearbox to provide immediate response and better performance; Lamborghini says this direct connection between electric motor and wheels is a first for a low-voltage hybrid. The electric motor itself also supports low-speed maneuvering, enabling the Sián to execute reversing and parking under electric power alone.

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Another world first for the Sián’s hybrid powertrain is the energy storage unit; instead of using a lithium-ion battery pack, Lamborghini’s latest creation makes use of a supercapacitor, which is three times more powerful than a battery of the same weight and three times lighter too. The supercapacitor is mounted in the bulkhead between the cabin and the engine for the optimal weight distribution.

Lamborghini says that the electric motor and supercapacitor end up weighing just 34 kg (75 lbs), enabling the Sián to achieve a weight-to-power ratio of 1.0 kg/hp (metric), which is better than that of the Aventador SVJ.

The 6.5-liter V12 engine has also received new intake valves made out of titanium, and is now rated at 774 HP (785 PS). As mentioned above, the combined output is rated at 808 HP (819 PS), with Lamborghini claiming a 0-62mph (100km/h) in less than 2.8 seconds and a top speed of over 217mph (350km/h).

The regenerative braking system, which has been developed in-house by Lamborghini, takes advantage of the supercapacitor’s symmetric behavior and fully charges it every time the supercar brakes; the stored energy is instantly available to the driver as a power boost for speeds up to 80mph (130km/h). In-gear acceleration is also improved significantly, with the new Lamborghini Sián being 1.2 seconds faster in a 43-75mph (70 to 120 km/h) run compared to the Aventador SVJ.

Lamborghini will produce just 63 examples of the Sián, honoring the foundation year of the brand. All the cars are already sold out, with Lamborghini saying that each one will be individually styled according to the owner’s tastes through the Ad Personam programme.

“The Lamborghini Sián represents the first step in Lamborghini’s route to electrification, and expedites our next-generation V12 engine,” said Stefano Domenicali, Lamborghini CEO. “Its Sián moniker, meaning ‘flash or lightning’ in Bolognese dialect, denotes the first electrification of a Lamborghini production car and confirms our strong connection to the territory in which we operate.”


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  • salamOOn

    meh….its new, but at the same time its also old….. just another alternation, even ferrari has more variety in models.

  • Necmy

    reminds ssc tuatara so badly …

    • donald seymour

      Ummm…no. I don’t see it.

      • Aeromann

        Ummm… I see it.
        You should buy glasses.

    • Nastinupe1911

      I see Countach.

    • exeptor

      Probably a bit … the front.

    • EyalN

      Remains the Countach, Diablo, Aventador, Huracán, Centenario, Veneno.
      morgan did more changes in their cars in the last 20 years than Lamborghini

  • donald seymour

    I like the funky vibe that I get from it. It’s almost like a modern interpretation of an inspired 70’s style car. I like it. But they do need to expand their model line up.

    • Nastinupe1911

      They just came out with an SUV, what do you want now, a pickup truck? A station wagon perhaps?

      • donald seymour

        No, a real GT . And a sexy subdued model. And also a sedan.

        • KenjiK


          • Honda NSX-R

            Yes, and the Asterion

  • Xandao

    So, they realized that it is more profitable to reheat an old project, with so-called exclusive versions, than to launch a new common version.

  • Coup85

    So we have another Lambo that looks just like another Lambo.

    • PK

      well then how do you want to design them?

      • Hoe

        With more creativity and imagination? All Lambos are so Countach-y, it’s so boring

    • Matthew Daraei

      Lol, do you want it to be like a Honda then?

      • AnklaX

        Seeing how busy it is, it’s already a honda

      • Coup85

        I really don’t think Honda is a good example… Still, I think they should explore more territories, Lamborghini has an incredible design past and seems like they are stuck on the Stealth Fighter phase that they started with the Reventon… I think is time to for a new era, maybe they should call Bertone…

    • NM Toumi

      Even it’s name is SION

  • MIL1234

    six tail lights just in case
    Leds are not that reliable


  • Arct1c

    Honestly, interior is very bland for a supercar. Lambos used to have really exotic interiors, but they’re so unchanged that they are just boring now.

  • AnklaX

    Striking as Lambos should be but it’s slightly inconsistent and busy.
    I see two designs put into one. Some design cues could be used to make one car and the rest put into a different car with both being striking cars. Feels like they’ve put two cars into one.

  • exeptor

    I agree with most of the comments, but somehow this works for me. If we talk about influences here is mine – as stated bellow the front is a bit of SSC Tuatara and the back is a bit of Mitsuoka Orochi.

  • EyalN

    and i was hoping for them to come with a new design.
    Still looks like a diablo

  • Some ol’ bloke

    Looks interesting in a good way – reminds me of a concept I saw some years ago

  • sidewaysspin

    Millionaire youtubers like shmee are already preparing to buy.

  • Jason Panamera

    It looks futuristic in a good way, like from Tron movie.

  • alexxx

    Very nice… I like the countach back 👍

  • Brian Regan

    A very nice update to the Aventador.

  • BarryFastCars

    I am surprised this was not unveiled in Monterey. I bet there was one lurking around behind the scenes. I wonder if this has a lithium ion battery as well as the capacitor. Would be nice to get the alternator, oil pump, water pump of the timing chain to reduce even more losses. They can all be electrified now. Tech like this will keep some cars NA for longer than without it so I’m on board!

  • Honda NSX-R

    Still has the same transmission from the Aventador

  • john1168

    It looks fantastic! I love the Countach-ish rear end. I wonder why they didn’t go with a bigger electric motor? Maybe something around 100 to 150hp… Maybe it would place too much stress on the super capacitor and brake regen system?

    Awesome car! Only 63 will be made… I’ll probably never see one in real life.

  • Bob

    Meh. It does nothing for me.

  • Porkopolis

    Aventador roofline cannot be unseen.

  • sidewaysspin

    The design if you remove all the crazy bits it looks totally unremarkable, especially the cockpit, and the interior is just like any other lamborghini, they just copied and pasted nothing particularly innovative there and that’s why Ferrari will always remain more special.

  • john1168

    I hope they all don’t have “63” on the rear wing. Instead, I hope they have the production number of the actual car. 01 through 63.

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