Okay Seriously, Which One Of You Sat On This Toyota 86?

Like its Subaru BRZ sister model – and despite some criticisms over the years about the lack of power, the Toyota 86 has managed to capture the hearts of many drivers, thanks (mainly) to its agility and great handling that delivers a raw driving experience.

These and other, sometimes surprising, qualities like their practicality, have made both models a favorite in many circles, so it wasn’t long until tuners saw the obvious money-making opportunity.

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Since it entered production 7 years ago, countless small and big tuners launched different upgrades for the 86/BRZ siblings, some of them less crazy than others. As for this one, well, let’s just say that if there were straitjackets for cars, then it would cause less harm to itself and the surrounding environment.

Modified by a small British company called 326Power, the Toyota 86 boasts a wide body conversion and negative camber wheels, although ‘boasts’ may be too small of a word for the image it projects. The kit adds 150 mm (6 in) to the front width and a substantial 200 mm (8 in) to the rear.

At the front, you get an apron, wide fenders and side bumper extensions that do not line up. Further back, there are new side sills and even wider rear fenders, with fake air vents normally seen on extreme cars with rear- or mid-engine layouts. The project also includes a giant rear wing and deep dish five star wheels.

For now, 326Power has slashed pricing for the complete body kit from £4,902 ($6,111/€5,545) to £3,585 ($4,469/€4,055) in the United Kingdom, tax included. 326Power states that each kit requires 3 weeks of manufacturing.

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  • Mill0048

    Too late in the year for April first, yet too early for Halloween…

  • Meskley

    At a first glance it looked like a really bad photoshop. Im sad it wasn’t

  • robotlogic
  • Adam Wood

    A simple “no” from me.


    • Warhawk69

      Probably the same idiot would think this is “DOPE”

  • salamOOn
  • Ben

    It looks like a storm trooper, but instead of poor aim it has poor handling.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    I would find myself embarrassed at sitting in it. Even more so at being found looking at it in public. I will refrain from stating where it would be best suited.

  • Alduin

    Wow this is retarded. Does it even drive? I bet like💩.

  • Dredd2


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