Next-Gen Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ Could Debut As Concepts At Tokyo Motor Show

Toyota and Subaru are reportedly getting ready to preview the next-generation of their twin sports cars, namely the 86 and BRZ models, at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show on October 24.

The next generation of the Japanese performance coupes will make its first appearance in concept form, giving us a taste of what to expect when they’ll arrive in the market in the first half of 2021, according to a report from Japan’s Best Car.

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The same report talks about the adoption of a new platform for the next Toyobaru, which could translate into an upgraded version of the existing architecture, since both Toyota’s TNGA and Subaru’s Global Platform are either not suitable or not compatible with their requirements, namely size and the necessary rear-wheel drive layout.

The engine will remain a four-cylinder boxer unit from Subaru but the new 86/BRZ will ditch the 2.0-liter FA20 unit in favor of the larger 2.4-liter FA24.

That’s the same type of engine you find in many current Subaru models, including the turbocharged variants of the Legacy and Ascent, but it seems like it’s not the 260 HP version. Instead the FA24 in the next 86/BRZ duo is said to produce 220 HP, if you believe the rumors. Both a six-speed manual and a six-speed automatic option will be available.

Back in January, both Subaru and Toyota confirmed to us that they are indeed working on the next-generation 86/BRZ, without providing further details. While we never expected a radical reinvention, it’s nice to hear that the two new models will remain faithful to their fun-to-drive roots.

However, Toyota and Subaru should adress one of the biggest complaints coming from the current models and that is power. After all, keeping the weight to the current levels and dropping the turbocharged 260 HP 2.4-liter flat four engine under the bonnet sounds almost ideal for the new Toyobarus, doesn’t it?

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  • Mike anonymous

    This Tokyo Motor Show is looking to be such a great MotorShow, At the very least the best one in years.

  • give them their AWD back, offer a turbo engine upgrade. call them Impreza BRZ and Toyota Celica.

    they’ll sell much better this way.

    • Mill0048

      …and be better differentiated.

    • PhilMcGraw

      I don’t think Subaru would allow it. The BRZ sits at $25k starting with the WRX at $27k. If they offer a turbo in this it could cannibalize sales from the WRX. I think that is another reason why they don’t offer AWD too.

      Although I like the idea of making the BRZ part of the Impreza line. Perhaps if they did that then maybe they would allow it, but so long as it’s a separate model I think Subaru would wanna keep the two cars distinct.

  • nastinupe

    The new Supra should have been the called Celica and sold for $39,000. The 86 is an underpowered mess that shouldn’t even exist. The 86 should have been the MR2 and been mid engined and sold for $55,000. The Supra should have been an $83,000 911 killer.

    • Ben

      Those are some arbitrary numbers lol.

      • nastinupe

        I gave $16,000 between the bottom two models and $28,000 between the top two models. The more expensive the car the more expensive the options so you need to give additional room for customers to check boxes.

      • Rzrlf

        everybody likes to think that they know how to run a car company haha

    • SteersUright

      I like it!

      • nastinupe

        Basically the MR2 = Poor man’s Boxster and Supra would be the poor man’s 911 and the Celica could have been Toyota’s answer to the Nissan 370 Z. Simple.

    • thejohnnycanuck

      The new Supra should have been a real Toyota first and foremost. I honestly hope it tanks so that they’ll get the message.

      How the likes of Toyota expects us to believe they couldn’t afford to build their own car I’ll never understand.

      • Joe

        The problem with hoping the Supra tanks is that Toyota won’t get the message that people want a “real Toyota”, it’ll send the message that people don’t want sports cars at all so they’ll be even less inclined to develop a “real” one.

        The huge development cost for a maximum of a few thousand total units isn’t really worth it on a singular unique self-developed model. They have more important/necessary things to spend their billions on, like electric/hydrogen tech, self-driving, all that kind of thing that will be necessary in the near future.

    • PhilMcGraw

      That’s Lexus territory pricing which Toyota would be wise to stay clear of. It’s part of the reason Toyota is no longer considering selling the Land Cruiser in the states.

      Remember there is a Lexus RC and LC too.

  • Harry_Wild

    If the 86 and BRZ do not get AWD, sound proofing and a turbo, sales will sink even more for the 2nd generation models.

    • nastinupe

      Why sound proofing?

    • Rzrlf

      engine sits to low for awd. and sound proofing? rly? sales? are you an marketing strategist or something? keep it a cheap rwd manual sports car

    • Mill0048

      Relatively no-one will buy them anyway. The people that even notice it’s existence will find some minute thing to complain about then go buy an auto CUV anyway, saying a coupe doesn’t fit their lifestyle. Coupe sales are deteriorating for everyone.

      • KarenGarner TreffingerBlair

        Id have them offer the option of roll down windows , no infotainment center , even no a/c , only manual transmission , no back seat …no wing …

        • Mill0048

          Maybe even with one color and steel wheels. I think they offered a similar version in Japan. I’m not sure many Americans would go for it. I don’t know about other international markets. I wonder if it could be worth it with low volume sales.

    • Icyty

      People do not buy 86s or BRZs for AWD. It’s specifically RWD and N/A for a reason. It’s like you don’t even understand the point of the car.

  • SteersUright

    Im not gonna lie, I’m excited. I just hope they have some version with north of 250hp and that they look much, much sexier than the current twins which look much more economy car than sexy sports car.

    • KarenGarner TreffingerBlair

      The 2.4 is supposed to be geared towards torque. So if in NA form its making 220hp, the torque will be the much needed juice in the formula .

    • Mill0048

      I think they should have a turbo version as it would help sales. I would still prefer a high revving NA motor for this chassis, but let the buyer decide. I understand appeal is subjective. I’m not sure what makes it look economy: no bolted on side skirts, missing superfluous vents, or no extra-wide angular hips? At least it has the traditional proportions of a sporting RWD coupe.

      • SteersUright

        What makes it look economy lies in the details. When a car sits squat, with wide menacing fenders, expensive looking lighting, bigger brakes and high-end looking wheels, it exudes a certain fit-for-purpose race car menace. The new Supra looks expensive, even if it isnt beautiful, thanks to great wheels, lighting, etc. The headlights and tailights on the BRZ in particular, always looked like economy car pieces. The tucked in wheels did it no favors either. And thats all before you opened the door and saw the Fischer Price interior in the days that Mazda has figured out how to put many high end cars to shame yet has like 1/12 the resources of Toyota.

        • Mill0048

          Thanks for the tempered response :). I guess a lot of this is personal taste vs what can be done at what cost. The FT86 wheel gaps are surely rough, but I feel like they fixed the lighting on the face-lifted models. I agree, for sure, the Mazda interiors are amazing for the prices… but the volumes are higher, as is the number of cars they part-share with.

          Of all the J-companies, Toyota should be able to pull it together, but it seems the money just isn’t there in the lower end of the market anymore.

          • SteersUright

            I have tons of hope for the next gen twins. The chassis was already great. If they can get the ride to be a bit more compliant like Honda managed with the Type-R, make the darned thing beautiful and lust-worthy and drop a fantastic engine in it, Im sold.

  • Joe

    I don’t see the logic in putting a medium-powerful 2.4 turbo into the next 86/BRZ, when that would clearly overlap with the lower-end Supras (SZ and SZ-R).
    The positioning of the current model generally works in the current model hierarchy, I’m not sure why they would mess with that and risk cannibalising the Supra. The point of the 86 was never to be mega powerful, it was supposed to be about fun/good driving dynamics, much like the Mazda Roadster with its smaller engines.

    • KarenGarner TreffingerBlair

      I believe the NA 2.4 is going to introduce some much needed torque . it will be easy to tune in 10-20% more from there .

  • Kagan

    and hen 10 years later

  • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

    Subaru is such a pointless brand.

    • That Redman Guy

      What’s so pointless about Subaru?

      After all, Subaru makes vehicles people actually care about?

  • KarenGarner TreffingerBlair

    Im kind of excited about the new motor . if the 2.0 is making 205hp and 156 ft/lb .. The 2.4 making 220hp and 185-190 ft/lb of torque is spot on . tuning in 10%-20% from there should be an easy proposition

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