The Ultimate Rebadging Machine: 2020 Toyota Supra Reviewer Slaps On BMW Badges (Updated)

Turns out this wasn’t the work of a Toyota owner with a roundel sense of humo(u)r as the ‘1320Video’ Instagram post led us to believe, but of a cheeky Canadian journalist. The article has been updated accordingly.

The thought probably crossed many minds when we first laid eyes on the new Supra, but our Canadian friends over at actually went ahead and did it in real life; they slapped Munich’s blue and white roundel over Toyota’s badge. And not on any 2020 Supra, mind you, but on a Canadian press car.  Oh Canada, eh?

These images show the white Supra sitting in the driveway of Motorpress’ reviewer Jason, right next to a brand new BMW 7-Series and a 5-Series. Evidently, he’s quite the BMW enthusiast and thought plonking on badges from the German automaker on the Supra “would be funny to do”, in Jason’s own words.

The Toyota and BMW badges are wildly different in shape meaning it’s not simply a case of remove the Toyota badges and replacing them with BMW’s. Instead, the BMW badges have been incorporated into a white, oval-shaped base that can sit where the Toyota logo ordinarily did. The stickers, we’re told, were the work of Vinylmods.

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Like it or not, the Toyota-BMW connection was necessary for the return of the Supra nameplate. The Japanese admitted that they would have been unable to justify building the A90 Supra if they didn’t team up with another automaker yet many enthusiasts still think the collaboration with BMW means the sports car is no longer a ‘real’ Supra. We’ve never totally agreed with that logic, and while the Supra does indeed use German components, it not a Bimmer in drag. In fact, prices start at roughly $15,000 less than the BMW Z4 M40i that features the same powertrain.

One of the more understandable critiques of the new Supra has been the lack of a six-speed manual transmission. Toyota chief engineer Tetsuya Tada recently indicated that the Japanese carmaker is still open to the idea of offering a stick-shift, but is still weighing up its options.

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  • Robert

    That is hysterical ?

    • khc

      Mildly amusing, yes. Silly, yes. Hysterical? ‘Gotta cut back on the coffee, Robert.

  • thejohnnycanuck

    Stupid Canadian.

    Oh, wait…

  • KareKakk

    At least he could have centered the badge properly…

  • FFEMT6

    Instantly unreliable. Your going to jinx that Toyota now. ?

  • Rev Mike, Esq.

    Enough already. It’s not getting a manual transmission. No way Toyota makes the car slower to appease a handful of ricers. The manual transmission is antiquated, obsolete, and as good as dead. Deal with it.

    • Matt

      …and yet Porsche and Aston Martin still offer manual transmissions on their new models, so your “no way they’re making the car slower” isn’t a valid argument.

      Especially as the same company (Toyota) refused to turbocharge the GT86 in order to keep weight down and keep the ‘purity’ of the driving experience, so they very well may sacrifice speed to appease purists.

      • Rev Mike, Esq.

        Aston is irrelevant in todays market. They sell less than a handful of manual cars. 99.9% of their sales have the same ZF 8 speed as the Supra does.

        Porsche only puts the manual in their lower performing stuff. You’ll never find a GT2 manual. And even on the lower performing cars, they’ll readily admit that the manual is half a second or more slower.

    • Mr. EP9

      Ricers don’t drive manuals, dumbass.

      • Rev Mike, Esq.

        Of course they do!! Civic Type R and Si anyone? Japanese econoboxes are the only market that sells anywhere near double digit manuals. The ricer market.

    • David Sandine

      Manual transmission is much more fun to drive around on public roads imo. Automatic better for track use.

      The Supra automatic feels great on a track, but just cruising around and for doing spirited driving manual transmission is fun

  • David Sandine

    Well, it is a BMW. I have no why Japan and Germany think it’s a good idea to work together.

    Car is over 96% BMW.

  • Todun Olusola

    That’s cold. ?

  • Bo Hanan

    That badge seems to fit all to well.

    • Matt

      Doesn’t really look like a good fit to me, it’s the wrong shape.

      • Bo Hanan

        Figuratively speaking Forrest.

  • db

    Hey Toyota, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    Cheap shites, wouldn’t do your own car…

  • Bash

    Well that guy just went to the basics. He embraced the roots of the matter. You can’t but to respect him.

  • Charles Chin

    Looks legit 🙂

    • Bash

      Sure it does

  • Craig

    There’s some logic behind this. But I still think it’s a silly thing to do.

  • Shady Shinichi

    Now remove the Supra name and its 100% accurate. Not a Toyota. Definitely not a Supra…getting beat by Mustang, Camaro, Golf’s.

    • Ben

      Where have you seen that?

    • Matt

      Supra’s have historically only been fast once they get worked over by tuners.

    • Six_Tymes

      spot on, first thing I thought and posted

    • Rolling Guy

      When Toyota is thinking of making the next gen 86 more powerful and even more fun to drive than the Supra they just released…. Well…

      • dumblikeyou2

        That’s exactly what I thought. I got blasted by knowitalls when I asked why Toyota, a global giant, couldn’t produce the Supra by itself without another company, (BMW, of all friggin companies), splitting the cost. If GM could produce a midship Corvette, why was Toyota, the largest car company in the world, unable to do a proper Japanese sports car like they already know how?

  • ifwg

    That is the ugliest supra I have ever seen

    • Eagle By Singer

      Have you seen the orange one from the fast and the furious?

  • Six_Tymes

    THIS is awesome. might as well take it a step further, and remove the Supra badges.

    Toyota, Please make this current generation short, and develop your own proper Surpra. If you do, ill start saving now.

  • Nordschleife

    Some people really are the worst. Sometimes I wish they didn’t make things at all so all you people can whine. You all are never happy.

    • Andrewthecarguy

      Never happy that Toyota forever sullied the Supra name? You betcha!!!

      • Rahul Mandala

        Honestly, Toyota could’ve partnered with anyone, and I mean anyone aside from BMW, and people would still be crying regardless. Like I said, an in-house built Supra would’ve costed much more (like $100k and beyond) for what’s essentially the same level of performance and I can bet y’all will pretend to be happy, while really breaking down on the inside.

  • Ayo DocMkize

    I don’t blame him he did the right thing the issue is that he left out Supra badge he need to change it get a custom made badge that says Zupra.

    • Andrewthecarguy

      lol @ Zupra

  • kan hu

    This is right!

  • well, time to put Nissan badge on my X-Class..

  • charlotteharry57

    Did he REALLY think the Toyota is better-looking than the BMW? Latest issues of both Car&Driver and Motor Trend think the Toyota is dreadfully poor in the looks dept.

    • SquareSama

      Fk Car&Driver and Motor Trend. The Supra owner in this story was just having a bit of fun. Grumpy people gonna grump.

    • Haf Gaemer

      Lol, you’re relying on a lame media source to tell you what you like? Normal people think for themselves, it’s called individuality.

    • Smith

      And yet many articles have been written and tests been done that confirm the Toyota is far superior to the BMW. Many opinions and you are not right! The BMW is the ugliest looking car on the road, seriously.

  • shikar babulall

    So if Toyota fans are upset then Toyota should of built their own motor like Nissan and Honda.They were out of the game so long with inline 6’s that they were out of tune.

  • ctk4949


  • Honda NSX-R

    Those BMW badges are too small

    • Smith

      Like the brain of the guy who did it.

  • Smith

    How pathetic. Why didn’t he just buy the BMW version instead … because it is not as good so why badge a Toyota as a BMW wannabe. How pathetic and what a loser!

  • Scott Wilson

    What you do is you buy a Porsche, then put a better LS engine in it, then put some Mustang Bullit wheels on it, and paint it British Racing Green, THEN put the Lambhorghini badges on it.

  • Jason

    Kudos to the author for updating the story! It takes a real man to fix a mistake 🙂
    I apologize for the heat in my previous comment!

  • Aeromann

    Why he didn’t buy the Z4?
    It doesn’t make sense. ?

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