First 2020 Toyota Supra Up For Auction Fails To Sell – Have Petrolheads Finally Wised Up?

Earlier this month, a 2020 Toyota Supra Launch Edition was listed for auction on Bring A Trailer and looked set to go for well in excess of its $55,250 MSRP.

Contrary to what one might have though, it failed to meet its reserve, so it wasn’t sold – which might be revealing both about the market and the car itself.

The Japanese sports car was listed online through a dealership by the name of nexusautobrokers in Marietta, Georgia and it seemed as though the company was trying to flip the in-demand Supra for a generous profit. After just one day, the car had attracted a highest bid of $50,550, but it appears as though bidders soon wised up as the auction ended with a highest bid of $56,700 a couple of days ago.

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While dealerships marking up new vehicles is nothing new, it seems that this practice is starting to rub enthusiasts the wrong way. Besides, while dozens of Toyota dealerships are trying to sell Supra Launch Edition models for premiums, there are also lots that are available for MSRP. In fact, a quick search online shows heaps of new Supras looking for homes for under $60,000. Thus, this one isn’t going to be the moneymaker some might have expected.

Toyota has built just 1,500 examples of the Launch Edition and, despite the new-age Supra being one of the most eagerly anticipated performance cars in recent memory, people are more than happy to wait a bit more for the regular versions, or just pay MSRP, than make some flipper richer.

We happen to think the Supra represents quite good value at $55k compared to its rivals, but there’s no doubt the arrival of the 2020 Corvette Stingray with its $59,995 starting price has stolen some of the Supra’s thunder – not to mention the BMW Z4 connection that has been a turn off for some aficionados.

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  • robotlogic

    In the new world of $59K mid engine Corvettes good luck selling your Z4 and Z4 Supra editions for $55K +.

    • Kyle Newberry

      But again, anyone who clicks any box is suddenly in 65/70k range, and a Supra is a much better looking option. Plus, who is going to trust a 1 gen Midship GM product?

      • robotlogic

        I’m sorry reality hurts your fanboi feelings so badly but even a base C8 Corvette would stomp any trim level Supra to death on a road course or drag strip.

  • Six_Tymes

    Finally? are you serious? FROM DAY ONE.

    • ThatGuy

      We were all saying supra articles were and overkill.
      Engine put everyone off the instant they said z4 and bmw followed by shared/carried over/collaboration

  • Dennis James

    I have a hard time thinking of this car as a true Toyota Supra knowing the BMW connection. Plus, it already looks outdated and a bit childish.

    • Jawohl

      It’s not even a Toyota product

      • chris pinkston

        How? Toyota co developed the chassis of the car with BMW, a all new chassis made just for Supra and the Z4. Toyota even had some input on the BMW B58 engine development. The car consist of BMW or BMW sourced components but all are tuned by Toyota in the Supra independent of BMW. Car is 100% styled by Toyota, has their badge and the Supra logo. It’s a Toyota Supra.

        • Jawohl

          Toyota don’t even make it.

          • chris pinkston

            I already stated what Toyota contributed to the project..They styled the supra, co developed the chassis and tuned all the components for the Supra independent of BMW’s tunning for Z4. They also had some early input on the B58 engine in it’s early development. BMW listened to Toyota on what was considered up to par or not on the engine.

          • Jawohl

            I’m well aware of how they contributed to some development but as I said, it’s not a Toyota product as they don’t even build it.

          • chris pinkston

            Is the Z4 not a BMW because they don’t build it? Is the 5 series not a BMW since its built in the same plant as Supra and Z4?

          • Jawohl

            They atleast use mostly BMW components to build this product.

          • Shady Shinichi

            Its a BMW with a toyota shell. Look at the origin of parts and assembly, not even 1% is Japan. Zupra apologists who probably sont own a supra or sports car making excuses for this cars short comings. They have only sold about 700 of these in the states so far. Still over 229 Launch editions posted online. Meanwhile Chevy dealers have stopped taking orders for the C8 in 2020 and have moved to 2021 orders.
            The Supra use to beat Porsches, corvettes, Ferraris and Lamborghinis in the mid 90s, now it gets beat by VW Golf’s. Toyota failed to deliver a worthy car.

  • Mr. EP9

    You can only fool them some of the time.

    • donald seymour

      So true, because there are still suckers out there.

  • BlackPegasus

    It brings me immense amounts of joy to know car enthusiasts said no to this Frankenstein’s monster. Especially with the all new C8 around the corner which can be had at a bargain.

    • MayTheBestCarWin05

      100 percent agree!!! Way to $hit the bed Toyota.

  • Thunderbolt

    just like BB King had sang: ” the thrill is gone, The thrill is gone away”

  • Varpilah Chase

    I guess Toyota didn’t learn the first time. The MkIV didn’t sell well then, the MkV isn’t going to sell well now. People liked the the MkIV because F&F, which came out in ’01, the years after US production of the Supra. The car itself was meh. Now they retune a BMW and expect people to pay premium for it, lol.

    • chris pinkston

      I didn’t like that the car has so much BMW dna either looks like a Supra, sounds like a Supra, seems to have the modding potential Supras are known for. Stock it’s quick and has already gone 10s in quarter without much done to it. I think it’s worth $50k as far as sports cars go.

      • Varpilah Chase

        It does but that’s because it’s a BMW engine that has been out for over 5 years now, so it’s less impressive in that respect. The BMW community is probably rolling their eyes at people’s astonishment of the car. A 10-sec Z4 coupe, is very impressive, even awesome in the Toyota community, since they don’t really have a varied sporty car lineup, but less so in the BMW world

        • chris pinkston

          I’m not surprised at all by what the engine can do. I work for BMW manufacturing and have been following the after market for the B58 in cars like the M240i , 340 and 440. My point was that these BMW components happen to align with the Supra philosophy also, reason Toyota used BMW as their partner on the project. I’d rather have a BMW inline six under the hood than a all Toyota v6 or v8, that’s just not “Supra”.

          • Kwikcilva

            a supra with BMW logos under it’s hood and BMW interior is not a Toyota. The car is a big let down, should have been called the new celica. People wanted a Japanese alternative to the Europeans sports cars, not an European dressed as a Japanese.

          • KidRed

            It’s way better than a Toyota or Subaru interior though.

          • Shady Shinichi

            You rather have a BMW engine instead of a toyota engine? This is how Tada tricked you into thinking it had to have an inline 6 when it didnt. Remember the GTR? Thats no longer an inline 6 and look how well that engine performs.

  • Jawohl

    They have wised up that it’s not a Toyota…

  • Craig

    It’s just not a lust-worthy car.

    • Bo Hanan

      I agree. It’s an interesting BMW but doesn’t have the allure of an M2/3/4.

    • Kyle Newberry

      Funny, it’s substantially nicer looking to me than any of the current BMW offerings except maybe a 6/8.

  • chris pinkston

    The car has been selling well and I think it will continue to. So what if the base c8 is just a little more, not everyone wants a c8. Plenty of people want a Supra. Yes you can call it a BMW all you want but the car is still very “Supra”. The styling is very Toyota and a evolution of the last Supra’s styling. It’s a inline turbo six powered , rear wheel drive coupe that’s quick and with plenty performance potential. People are already running 10s in the quarter mile with not much done to it. You have shops working on 1000hp builds with it already..All this stuff is why people liked the old Supra and why they will like this one.
    Let be real, few will be buying $59k C8s , most will be around $65 – 70k for a decent one with anything on it as people have proven who have ordered them around YouTube.

    • Shady Shinichi

      A proper supra would have been in the $70k range. This bmw is a quest for cash which has not turned out the way they wanted.

  • letsGetItRight

    1500 launch edition copies.. That’s precisely the problem. If it was 150 then you could fetch a premium.

  • Biggsy

    Like Lotus…

  • Alduin

    This car fails miserably.

  • Richard Alexander

    Needs a manual.

  • Nastinupe1911

    I saw one in real life. Looks like a $35,000 car. Seriously, it looks like it’s on par with a 370 Z, nothing more, nothing less.

    • Richard Alexander

      There has been a lot of inflation

    • Kyle Newberry

      If you think this is a Z competitor, go sit in a Z. The Z is competing more with the 86 than a Supra. Recent motor mags have it better than the Porshe and M2

  • KidRed

    haha, so glad to see the fanboy hype over a re-banded Z4 coming to an end.

  • robotlogic

    The C8 owner could do the same thing and with twice the displacement they will always win at that game.

    • chris pinkston

      Tell that to the owners of the previous Supra that whooped up on plenty big displacement v8s na or with forced Indcuction with their little 2jz. The B58 looks like it’s capable of similar, some new Supras making 600hp already.

      • Shady Shinichi

        Please stop commenting about the Zupra. This car is not a worthy succesor to the previous generations in the least. The car isnt selling well. They cannot get rid of 1500 Launch editions, how is Toyota expecting to sell 12k of these a year?
        I currently own 2 1998 supras and a C6 Corvette amd most in the supra community are not looking at it. We are looking at the C8 though. And yes,it will cost more than $59k but we were all expecting to pay $75k for a proper Supra. Not this BMW.

        • chris pinkston

          Well if you wanted to spend more then there you have it, buy the Vette. If I have to stop commenting on the Supra then you stop commenting on the pushrod powered, Camaro sounding Ferrari wannabe.

  • robotlogic

    Agreed, you should be able to get a Supra in the $49K range here shortly. But for just $10K more you get a mid engine supercar with almost twice the power and only 150lbs more in weight.

    • chris pinkston

      Twice the power? Nah not nearly..The Supra really makes around 380hp or so at the crank and a base c8 makes 480 something. Literally a tune on the Supra will put it at c8 power levels at the crank.

  • I’m a billionaire. I’ve just flipped my Aston Valkyrie and Valharra. Earned 10 Billion dollars each. Easy money.

  • Seats & a steering wheel

    The Supra is supposed to be the ‘every man’s (or woman’s) sports car’, in the same vein as a Nissan 370 or Mustang or Camaro The fact one is not making 6 figures at auction to me in no way indicates failure or lack of popularity. It’s a mid level mass produced sports car with great styling and great performance These mark ups are always short term and if the car is making msrp, then I call that the status quo.

  • chris pinkston

    A V8 has nothing to do with the origins of a Supra..Always been a inline six from 1979 to present.

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