Slightly Moded 2020 Toyota Supra Has Just Done A 10-Second Quarter Mile

Owners and aftermarket tuners are having an absolute field day with the 2020 Toyota Supra – and one example has already dipped into the 10-second range down the quarter-mile.

The following Supra was one of the first examples delivered in the United States and is owned by Real Street Performance. The shop started modifying the sports car almost immediately and have since fitted it with a new downpipe, new wheels and tires prepped for drag racing, and retuned software. With a splash of race fuel, it recently recorded a best quarter-mile time of 10.96-seconds at 125.25 mph (201.5 km/h).

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We first wrote about this Supra in early August, when it recorded a best quarter-mile time of 11.4-seconds at 118.33 mph (190 km/h). At the time it was pumping out 442 HP and 477 lb-ft (646 Nm) and likely churns out a touch more than that now, which explains its performance.

To put a 10.96-second quarter mile into perspective, the exact same car recorded a best time of 12.5-seconds at 109 mph (175 km/h) in stock form. After its first drag strip outing, the tuner concluded that a lack of traction was holding it back and with some new wheels and other modifications, over 1.5 seconds have been slashed off its time.

What’s particularly impressive is that these are bolt-on modifications, which means two things. First, it can easily be reversed back to its original state with no hassle, and second, the add-ons can easily be replaced by upgraded ones in order to exact even more power.


  • Mr. EP9


    • Bo Hanan

      Desperate for attention and it seems like the previous generations value just went up again.

      • Curtis

        MKIV owners are trying to sell now while they can still justify a high price. You’re seeing an exodus.

  • robotlogic

    A 10.96 is an 11 second quarter mile, while it is “technically” in the 10s it is NOT a “10 second quarter mile” as the bait click title implies.

    • GobbleUp


    • Ben

      Depends on your circle, but I agree. Now, if it ran a 10.56, I’d say its a 10 second car.

      • Curtis

        1 month after your post, people are regularly hitting 10.2-10.5 on just downpipe and tune…. and have partial throttle closure at 6800rpm

    • wafer w

      In drag racing it’s called a high 10, still a 10

    • getoffme

      10.96 = 10.96 no matter ho you spin it,

    • HardWir3d

      In the drag world, you break 10’s it’s 10’s, doesn’t matter if it’s 10.99, it’s 10’s.

  • Honda NSX-R

    Apparently steering racks have been failing in some of these cars

    • Curtis

      I’ve heard of 3. 2 with the same exact issue, also owned by the same exact person, also both steering racks have been removed, swapped, then swapped back by the owner prior to having the problem. The 1 other guy had a software issue that was resolved by Toyota. There havent been any other complaints for months as far as I can tell.

  • Matteo Tommasi

    Everything can become a 10 second car if modded.

    • Jason Miller

      Some more than others.

    • Kilo Bravo

      Not with bolt ons

      • Billy Ryan

        RS3s are in the 9s with bolt ons 🙂

        • Curtis

          Supras are in the 9s without bolt ons… still stock turbo. And all of them have partial throttle closure at 6800rpm

    • HardWir3d

      Name one car off the top of your head that you can get into the 10’s with less than $2000 in bolt ons that costs less thank $60k new? I can give you one… Supra.

      • Matteo Tommasi

        Corvette C8, Audi RS3
        I gave you two

        • Billy Ryan

          #rs3 and its (probably) more reliable

          • Curtis

            Lol now I know you’re trippin. More reliable lol

        • Curtis

          C8 is 11.3. I dont think $2k right now will get you under 11 seconds.

          • Matteo Tommasi

            Put rear drag tires, it’s a under 2k mod

  • LJ

    Still ugly.

  • SteersUright

    Basically an M240i with a tune. I’m much, much more curious about the potential to lighten it up and make it an even sharper handler, given the weight advantage it enjoys over the M240i and M2 siblings.

    • Matt

      It doesn’t share the platform with the 2-Series cars.

    • getoffme

      Oh the Misinformed.

      • SteersUright

        oh the ignorant…

        • getoffme

          Prove it then.

    • Klaatu

      Z4 actually.

    • SteersUright

      As much as BMW would like everyone to believe the Z4 and Supra are bespoke, they share most of their parts underneath with the new 3-series which, itself, features carryover parts from the prior 3-series, which the M240i is based on. Most importantly, they all share the same B58 engine & ZF 8-speed albeit in a more aggressive state of tune in the 2 newer cars. What they all also share, is being heavy cars. The Supra is the lightest but could easily be even lighter at nearly 3400lbs for a car with the same wheelbase as a Cayman. It has enough speed, but handling/braking would be markedly better with even just 200-250lb weight loss.

  • Dylan Bennett

    A tuner near me broke these numbers weeks ago and still has a faster time. And has made more power than this too.

    • lagunas3ca

      Where’s their YouTube video? I can’t find it while searching for, “Slightly Moded 2020 Toyota Supra By Tuner Near Dylan Bennett Has Just Done A 10-Second Quarter Mile” …

  • Klaatu


    1. It is a BMW
    2. It looks like the Batmobile circa 1989
    3. It is a BMW
    4. It is an affront to the Supra name
    5. It is a BMW
    6. A badge will not magically transfer Toyota quality to a BMW

    I aint as much Supra as it is a marketing ploy.

    • Matt

      Wow haven’t heard those before.

      • Klaatu

        Well, I apologize for having an opinion.

        No, strike that…I don’t apologize.

        • Matt

          Uh what does the existence of other 10 second cars have to do with the Supra running a 10? Precisely nothing. I’m not a Toyota fanboy which is probably why I’m finding all the ‘It’s just a BMW’ getting posted comments ad nauseum getting a bit stale.

          • Klaatu

            My comment was in response to your sarcastic ridicule.

            Maybe you should grow up?

    • getoffme

      And why do you care so much about it? Get over it already…

      • Klaatu

        I find it hilarious really…The fanboys in the media and in general. Being an old school motorhead I know this car will be a blast to drive. As well, being an old school motorhead the effort is not deserving of respect and DEFINITELY not worthy of the Supra badge.

        How is it any different than GM throwing a Pontiac nose on a Holden and calling it a GTO. The talking heads voted them off the island for that even though the car was quite capable. Here we see Toyota doing their best to describe the differences between the Supra and the BMW, of they exist primarily in tuning which to me seem pathetic. Issue number one is the media reception which I liken to someone peeing down my back while telling me it is merely raining.

        Toyota at least developed the 86 WITH Subaru which IMO turned out fantastic and hit the target market with a bulls eye. I would have had much more respect for Toyota had they modified the front of the 86 to accept a real Toyo inline 6 similar to what they did with the Celica in the early 80s…that IMO wold be worthy of a Supra badge.

        And yet, the talking heads are running this Supra up the flagpole like it is some great engineering feat…it is and it isn’t. And the cries of “it is different” kinda lose their effect when you pop the Supra hood open, check out the stamping’s on the suspension parts only to be assaulted by a virtual cornucopia of BMW identifiers. Having owned a few BMW’s I also find it funny no one in the press is talking about the reliability gap new Supra owners will surely find.

        In the same vein, as much as I am upset with GM closing US factories while investing in cheap labor elsewhere…I have to give GM major props for their Corvette effort which probably has Toyo scratching their heads as the pricing will be very, very competitive.

        And, damned if that ain’t one ugly SOB. You will not find one comment from me dogging their 86 effort…I thought that was spot on.

        I hope I am allowed to express an opinion here.

  • getoffme

    Impressive numbers from a STOCK turbo.

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