2020 Toyota Supra Records An Impressive 12.5-Second Quarter-Mile Run

The 2020 Toyota Supra has started to land in the hands of customers in the U.S., and one owner recently drove his car directly from the dealership to a drag strip 700 miles away to see what the Japanese sports car is capable of.

In the first run, he recorded a rather slow 14-second time. However, after he removed all luggage (…) and a little more practice, he was able to record a series of runs in the 12-second range, the quickest of which was a 12.5-second at 109 mph (175 km/h). For a vehicle with a claimed 335 HP, that’s very impressive.

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One thing the driver notes at the end of the video is that a lack of grip severely impacts the Supra’s ability to get out of the blocks. Even with Launch Control enabled, the rear tires spin up and, consequently, slow down the car. During one run were Launch Control was engaged and the traction control system was turned off, the Supra got out of shape shifting into second gear and came pretty close to crashing!

The more we see videos about the latest-generation Supra, the move obvious it becomes Toyota has downplayed how much power it has. Multiple dyno runs have revealed that it probably has around 400 hp at the crank instead of the 335 claimed by the Japanese car manufacturer. What’s perhaps going to interest customers even more than this is the fact that the BMW-sourced turbocharged 3.0-liter six-cylinder is very receptive of modifications and can be easily upgraded to produce much more grunt.


  • alexxx

    Nice to see Supra continuos to impress ☺️

  • TheBelltower

    It’s because it’s German, and that’s what the Germans do. Which is good for Toyota, since the Supra needs positive press for this flamboyantly styled peenmobile.

  • impressive!

  • GobbleUp

    Not impressive at all. Cars over a decade ago performing the same. Dud.

  • willhaven

    109mph traps is not bad for a car that claims to have 335hp. As a comparison, a 2018 Mustang GT with the 10 speed automatic can routinely hit 117-119mph trap speeds.

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