Tuned 2020 Toyota Supra Already Setting Low-11 Second Quarter-Mile Times

With Toyota Supra deliveries now kicking off, tuning companies have started to work their magic on the Japanese car manufacturer’s all-new sports car and some very fast 2020 Supras have started to hit drag stripes around the world.

In this video, we’re presented with a 2020 Supra that’s been worked on by a company called Real Street Performance. It pumps out a total of 442 hp and 477 lb-ft (646 Nm) of torque through the rear wheels thanks to a new exhaust system, downpipe, methanol injection, and an ECU tune. To put that into comparison, Toyota claims the new Supra produces ‘just’ 335 hp from the factory.

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Early drag strip experiences involving the new Supra have indicated that if there’s one thing that holds the car back, it is a lack of grip off the line. To counteract this, the following example has been outfitted with sticky Toyo R888R tires to ensure it can put all its power to the ground. During the car’s one and only run in the video below, it set a blistering quarter-mile time of 11.48-seconds at 118.33 mph (190 km/h). That’s quick, very quick.

In fact, an 11.4-second quarter-mile time is 1.1-seconds faster than a stock Supra recently achieved shortly after it was delivered last month. Not only does this show that Toyota and BMW have created a very enticing platform but shows how easy it is to modify the B58 engine found under the hood of the Supra. The future is looking bright in the world of Supra tuning.


  • Tabs Luther

    The whole idea of buying a 60k car, and immediately voiding the warranty, just isn’t realistic for most people. Its fun, but how many people would really buy a supra, with BMW parts throughout, and start tuning it like this? This car was a dud from the start. Mustangs run loooow 12’s stock.

    • robotlogic

      And driving and automatic fast in a strait line, any 11 year old can do that. You will need to take it on a road course if you want to impress me.

      • willhaven

        Drag racing is far from easy. Reaction, timing, wheelspin management are things that take time to perfect. And then there’s bracket racing….

        • robotlogic

          I’ve done it many,many times, not that hard in the 10+ second class. Driving a road course and getting good time is 10x harder and requires
          a much more refined vehicle. Going fast in a strait line is not a good method of judging the overall abilities of a car.

          • Ben

            That’s like saying basketball isn’t that hard, you just need to be tall. Drag racing and road courses are both sporting events and require a good amount of skill. Road racing is more broad and drag is much more a refined skill set. Saying one is a better way to judge a vehicle doesn’t give any validity to the sport itself. We don’t watch a certain sport more because its more physically challenging than the last.

          • robotlogic

            Drag racing is super easy, anyone can do it. Outside of improving the car the only real skill that you can improve on is your reaction time especially on an automatic like the Supra.

            Road racing is worlds more involved. It take most people many days just to learn the flagging system alone.

            Since the roads in the real world are NOT all in a strait line the best way to judge the overall performance of a car is on a road course.

            Again, in 15 minutes I can have any 11 year old driving safely on a drag strip. Drag racing is only as hard as you want to make it.

          • Ben

            Kicking a soccer ball is incredibly easy too. There are levels to everything you do in life. You’re merging your opinion into a subjective choice and presenting it as fact. Just because something test all the aspects of a vehicle doesn’t mean its harder to do. Usually, when something test every aspect of xyz, its in a broad way, skilled at many, master of none.

            You could argue that road racing is easier, seeing as we teach 8yr olds how to go around a go-kart track properly. The only difference is the vehicle size. Not too many 8yr olds posting record reaction times back to back. If you’re imply road racing has more elements to it, I agree. However, the amount of elements to a sport isn’t what makes a sport difficult. Its the precision that is required to be competitive that makes it hard.

            Drifting in itself isn’t that hard to do, but at a professional level, its much harder than any dentist and his Cayman could manage. Simply put, the less elements to a sport, the smaller the tolerance for perfection there is.

          • Greg Gliszczynski

            Not talking about a go cart track, we’re talking about a track like Laguna Seca, Suzuka, Silverstone.

    • willhaven

      There’s a market for just about everything. I’m certain there are plenty of people willing to void their warranty for an extra 40-60hp.

    • getoffme

      You sound like a poseur.

    • KAG25

      LOL, did you just compare a Supra to a Mustang, get out of here

      • Tabs Luther

        mustang comes with a stick…

        • Ben

          If you’re a drag racing enthusiast, you know automatic is easily king.

        • KAG25

          Is that your excuse, when every super car now is a auto

    • brn

      You are completely and totally wrong!

      Stock Mustang GT will do high 11’s. 😉

      As to the naysayers, it’s a valid point. The Supra is plenty fast. Fast enough for most, but there’s a reason the Mustang is the best selling sports car in the world. It does a lot of things very well, at a reasonable price.

      I like the Supra. Just don’t want to own a motor made by BMW.

    • Ken Lyns

      All of first year’s production is spoken for.

  • getoffme

    Swallow it now haters, swallow it good!

    • Christopher Yurgal

      Swallow it while we can, until the C8 comes out? Is that what you mean?

      • getoffme

        Get back to me when yo do get your C8.

        • Christopher Yurgal

          Ooh, good one. Definitely the type of statement from someone with no logical argument.

    • bryceee

      Please list all the Toyota parts apart from the body. Crappiest looking steering wheel. Who ordered the Pizza?

    • Greg Gliszczynski

      It’s a BMW engine modified. If you think Toyota can build an engine, think again.

      • getoffme

        Toyota made a better BMW. Deal with it.

  • mas921

    Actually make that 10.76s now …😈

  • getoffme

    Lol @ these triggered haters.

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