2020 Toyota Supra Boosted To 420 hp And 440 Lb-Ft With Simple ECU Remap

Everyone suspected Toyota to have underrated the 2020 Supra’s maximum power and it didn’t take long for the truth to come out once aftermarket companies and owners started putting the sports car on the dyno.

The latest company to do so is UK’s Litchfield Motors which has big plans for the Supra’s BMW-sourced B58 motor. But before upgrading the 3.0-liter turbocharged straight-six engine, the tuner wanted to know exactly how much power and torque it delivers in stock form. The figures were interesting, to say the least.

While the official numbers quoted by Toyota are 335 hp (340 PS) and 369 lb-ft (500 Nm) of torque, the dyno (a German-made MAHA unit also used by BMW) told another story: 376 hp (381 PS) and 390 lb-ft (529 Nm) of torque at the crank. These figures are very close to the US-market BMW Z4 M40i, proving that the Supra delivers as much mechanical muscle as its platform sibling.

Obviously, the dyno figures are great news for Litchfield Motors because it means the B58 engine can be pushed beyond 400 horsepower with a simple software upgrade. The aftermarket company has already produced test parts and says it can already program the ECU simply via the OBD port thanks to BFlash.

The remap takes the 3.0-liter turbocharged straight-six to 420 hp (426 PS) and 440 lb-ft (597 Nm) of torque. That’s impressive considering that the hardware is not touched at all. Litchfield says it can squeeze even more juice from the B58 engine courtesy of Milltek and Akrapovic exhaust setups.

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The company also plans to produce its own lowering spring kit for the Supra, as well as suspension bush replacements which are expected to improve grip and steering feel. Finally, Litchfield plans some carbon exterior upgrades as well.

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  • robotlogic

    Quick way to kill the longevity of your engine. They show you the extra HP on their graphs but not the extra heat that was generated which the stock cooling system isn’t designed to dissipate.

    • Ben

      Its a give and take. Yes, you will kill longevity, but by how much? Its not like they’re running 1,000hp through the head and block. If you want longevity, add the cooling, but engines nowadays can handle much more than they are shipping with. If cut the longevity of your engine by 15k miles….meh, but if your engine puts out at only 60k miles, its a problem.

    • willhaven

      My Focus ST has 330 ft. lbs. of torque and about 260whp since 10,000 miles. I’m at 90k miles with no issues. It’s all about maintenance and proper warm ups. Stock cooling system.

      • SteersUright

        And a bit o luck too…

        • willhaven

          That’s with anything. Early MK7 GTI had turbo failures on completely stock engines. Nothing in life is a certainty I suppose. I do think the EB20T in the Focus ST is a rather stout engine and the engine management system is one of the best in the business.

    • Xencer

      I doubt it

  • eb110americana

    Based on that dyno chart, they are estimating a pretty generous 22.8% driveline loss to back-calculate flywheel HP. They didn’t actually measure crank HP at the crank, as you can see by the chassis dyno pics. At a more conservative 15% driveline loss, you are looking at 342 HP, which is much closer to the factory rating. I also don’t know how the MAHA unit compares in terms of high/low rating versus our Mustang (low) and Dynojet (high) dynos.

    • Vinny

      I don’t think you know how to do math, so let this Asian nerd, who represented his high school in math olympiad competitions, teach you. On average, the Supra dynoes 330 whp (and that’s likely on the low side), so… 330 ÷ .85 = about 388 bhp. The lowest dyno I’ve seen for this car is 326 whp, even at that, it’s 383 bhp. Those are at a 15% parasitic loss; more realistically, modern DCT and autos have around 10% loss. So, even at the lowest dyno I’ve seen at 10% loss, it’s still 366 bhp.

      • eb110americana

        First you have to learn how to read before you can take math. The above car dynoed at 290.4 BHP at the wheels. Go look at the chart again. 290.4/0.85 = 341.6 HP. Furthermore…

        376.2x = 290.4
        x = 290.4/376.2
        x = 77.2%
        1-x = 22.8% driveline loss if flywheel power is really 376.2 BHP.

        • Vinny

          What chart? I don’t see any chart in this article. I’ve seen a few dynos on Youtube and they all put down 320-something to 330-something whp. 290 whp is ridiculous!

          • eb110americana

            Click the last picture. It’s right there.

          • Vinny

            My reading is fine; that’s how I got straight As. I didn’t even see the pictures. But 290 whp is far off from all the dynos I’ve seen. Youtube has quite a few dynos of the new Supra.

  • Six_Tymes

    and…still ugly

  • brn

    Verified what we all knew. The BMW motor puts out as much in the Toyota as it does in the BMW.

  • iggination

    Toyota fans have jaws on the ground. Meanwhile, BMW enthusiasts are bored. It’s a BMW engine. It’s known to tune well. For longevity though, that’s a different ballpark.

  • Rick Walbridge

    Cool story bro, still not interested. Call me when Toyota decides to actually put some effort into a legitimate Supra.


    Congratulations…!! After $55k and aftermarket tuning that will likely void the warranty it makes ALMOST as much power as a stock $30k mustang gt. After all the hype this car got…. it is the biggest disappointment in recent automobile history. The supra is THE TOYOTA ICON CAR. A company as huge as Toyota, with unlimited funds and technology did not give 2 craps about this car. They just want to keep cranking out camrys and stupid prius. If there was 1 car ever Toyota needed to do right, this was it. Instead they stuff a BMW motor in it, and design a car that is obviously marketed to auto enthusiasts with the only transmission option an automatic. FAIL FAIL FAIL. Im Im s there will be no lack of posers who will line up to spend too much on the car. But us real gearheads will never respect it. Could you imagine the reaction Chevy would get if they called up VW to borrow a motor for the new Corvette. Yeah, its like that. Dont get me started on the fact that Chevy dropped the manual trans option as well.

    • Vinny

      The Mustang is a 4000lb pig. This car handles lively and light on its feet. No comparison between the two. My Cayman S is $80K and has 100hp less than the Mustang GT but there’s no comparison between the ways they drive. A 4000lb pig vs a pure sports car. 😉

    • K B

      I’ve been saying the same thing…Toyota either doesn’t care or they just don’t understand the value of the Supra name.
      They just want to $ave and $ell the most. Just look at their track record of abounding iconic cars: MR-2, Celica, FJ, LFA, GS?…and damen sure ruining the once fabulous Supra legacy.

    • Michael Cohen

      Chevy didn’t drop the manual transmission, the consumer did. My point is it’s hard to argue for Chevy to build manual transmissions, when people don’t buy them. But no worries, I am almost positive Chevy will build a manual in the future to appease the few possible manual buyers who actually speak with their wallet and mouth.

      • TRUBOOST

        Then dont build it. Most manufacturers dont build transmissions anymore. They buy them. So call up Tremec, Getrag, ZF, or the supplier of your choice and build a car for the enthusiasts. I am a Ford guy, and I make the same complaint. The GT500 is an absolute monster. I wanted the new version the minute I started hearing details like 2 years ago. I would give my deposit right now for a manual model. They dont make it…. so I wont buy it. Instead i will have to settle for a Roush stage 3. its only 710HP so not quite a GT500, but it has the right trans.

    • iddqd

      the Toyota icon car is the 2000 GT… but that’s a different story…

  • brn

    But, but, but… . the C8!

    • Holmer_k

      Yeah…my favorite line now is….I could have had a C8.

  • SteersUright

    Cool car no doubt, but so much less interesting after the announcement of the C8 Corvette. Were it a true Supra, or just a much better looking car, or perhaps a far better value, or something more special perhaps it’d be better received.

  • ErnieB

    420 eh.. but you gotta be high to love the looks of the car though..

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