This Chevy Camaro Has Turned To The Dark Side, Sith Lords Don’t Approve

The sixth-gen Chevrolet Camaro is, more or less, a prettier and more modern version of its predecessor, boasting improved connectivity, less weight and sharper visuals.

So we feel it’s safe to say that Chevy never envisioned it becoming any type of apocalyptic cruiser equipped with a bulky body kit, chains, fake pipes and an even larger wing to go with the one that was already on the trunk.

This image was posted to Reddit recently, where somebody with the username Dr_Sigmund_Fried described the vehicle very accurately, saying that it “looks like Darth Vader barfed on a Camaro.”

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So what’s wrong with it? Well, let’s start with the body kit. First of all, it’s way too chunky, and not in a good way. The fender extensions are poorly made and do no service to the car’s overall aesthetic – it’s best to make sure the tracks fit if you’re going for the full wide-body kit effect.

The front end is equally perplexing, with an overly exaggerated custom spoiler featuring chains. Then there’s the hood and those four chrome pipes that probably go nowhere and do nothing. As for the roof, we’re not even sure what’s going on there, as it’s wearing some type of plastic cover.

Last, but not least, there’s the rear end. While it’s not really all that visible, we can still tell from the sole available image that the owner of the car actually fitted it with larger custom wing, but maybe that’s the least offending add-on of them all…

  • Ben

    Just a tad bit over done.

    • Six_Tymes


  • salamOOn

    how is this not illegal in murica?

    cars are designed in a way to harm pedestrian as less as possible, then somebody literally instal some killing addons on his hood and front bumper….

    the other thing is you are crying about the looks in the article, but not a word about safety… smh.

    • Six_Tymes

      where is murica?

      • ace_9

        Maybe you are more familiar with the term ” ‘murica ” (with an apostrophe). It’s a short name for United States of America located in the North America continent. People living there – muricans are typically pronouncing the word “America” as ” ‘murica ” and the citizens of other countries are aware of that and try to be more familiar by using the same pronounciation.

    • Bennett Russell

      Na, Mustangs are the pedestrian killers, but as to the reason we can do that, is because of freedom in ‘Murica. On a more serious note, many people turn their cars into ricers like the poor mutilated Camaro pictured.

      In my state, my car NEVER has to pass an inspection or emisions test. Now, I can be ticketed for things like the brake lights not working, but as long as the lights work, the front windows arn’t tinted too much, the cops won’t bother you… Even if your radiator is showing as a result of a head on collision.


    Death Race edition

    • Draintheswamps

      Exactly. I would even call it the gun grab edition.

  • badcyclist

    I didn’t think it was possible to make a Camaro any uglier. Live and learn.

  • thejohnnycanuck

    I’m glad they told us it was a Camaro.

    I could have sworn it was a new Toyota.

  • Jason Lather

    This was photographed in
    Buford Ga in a Lowe’s parking lot.
    I live very near there and recognize the businesses in the background. Thankfully i have never seen this abomination in person…..yuck!!

    • Dts Uscc

      WTH is going on down there in Buford? We have what looks like a new Blazer that’s been in a fire and melted to form this mess of a Camaro, and what looks to be a 6 cylinder Charger in the background with the yellow air dam cover still attached! Let us bow our heads in silence….

  • joe

    GM hasn’t built a descent vehicle since the mid 1970’s…..Thankfully, GM plans to stop production on the camaro soon….

    • Wes Gregg

      Well, it’s had a few winners. There were the 1986-1987 intercooled turbo Buick Regal models (remember the Grand National?); something like the second-quickest accelerating production 1986 model year automobiles on the planet.

      Speaking of acceleration, GM offers some model variants now that are capable of sub-3.0 second 0-60 times. Come to think of it… Camaro ;-).

      GM sure does still like that dimestore-quality interior plastic, though.


      not ending production, it’s just that the next gen is delayed

  • Rob

    Was the car in a wreck before, hence their choice of body kit? I mean…to each their own….wait..nevermind…this is ugly.

  • Wes Gregg

    No, that’s called “having too many dollars but no sense at all.”

  • db

    Only if those four barrels sticking out the front hood actually shoot something that hurts could I put up with the rest of this abomination.

  • meyerweb

    Looks more like Mad MAX than Darth Vader.

  • Paul

    I’m with the sith lords on this. I don’t approve either. That thing is horrendous.

  • Bash

    This is how you punish someone, you let him drive it around.

  • Bob Ulness

    Even for Mad Max that is horrendous.

  • Bo Hanan

    It seems like it’s asking for water.

  • Yuma Drake

    Wtf. Seriously Wtf. Maybe a clue from the restaurant in the background.

  • Haywood Jablowme

    That’s a white trash cruiser for sure.

  • robotlogic

    Looks like someone won $25K on a lotto scratcher. Hmm, should I use this as a down payment on a house or maybe pay off my heavily financed 4 cylinder Camaro? Wait I have a better idea!

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