VW Unveils Their New Logo And First Ever “Sound Logo”

Volkswagen has used the Frankfurt Motor Show to unveil their redesigned logo.

Looking more retro and simplistic than their previous logo, the new VW badge features a “flat two-dimensional design” which is “clearer and has been reduced to its essential elements.” Volkswagen also said the logo is high flexible and has been designed with digital applications in mind. Speaking of the latter, an illuminated logo will appear on future vehicles.

The changeover kicks off tonight as Volkswagen will illuminate the new logo on their headquarters building in Wolfsburg. It will take a while before the logo is everywhere as the company said the rebranding effort is “one of the largest projects of this type in the industry worldwide.”

It’s easy to understand why as Volkswagen has a presence in 154 different countries. This means the automaker will have to replace approximately 70,000 logos worldwide and including those at roughly 10,000 dealerships and service centers. Despite this massive effort, Volkswagen expects the rebranding to be complete by the middle of next year.

While the logo looks pretty simple, the process of changing the design was highly complex. In particular, Volkswagen said 19 internal teams and 17 external agencies were involved in the project.

Volkswagen also introduced a so-called “sound logo” for the first time. The company says it will “make the Volkswagen brand distinctive in acoustic terms, both in the vehicle and in communications.”

Volkswagen’s Chief Designer Klaus Bischoff played a key role in the development of the new logo and said “In the new brand design, we have created an authentic communications platform for the emotional presentation of e-mobility.”


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  • europeon

    What a mess…
    They had one of the most recognizable and iconic logos in the industry (probably second to Mercedes). They should have stood by it, instead of giving in to all the new PC/(poser)environmentalist/SJW crowd that demanded blood after “dieselgate”.
    And the sound jingle… It’s not made with the future in mind, this minimalist/8-bit trend is just a fad, and in a few years time, people will cringe when they’ll hear it.

    Also, what’s the deal with the Apple Watch series 2 and the previous generation MacBook Air? I mean… why Apple and why use obsolete products?

    • Are you out of your mind???? They said that the voice command is a female voice… They had done something good… I do hope… A woman with color dub’s it..

    • Astonman



  • TheBelltower

    It’s fine. I suppose it gives VW something to publicize. The only people that will ever notice are the graphic designers who created it.

  • no25

    This is not a new logo. They made a big deal about just modernizing their VW in a circle.
    When Cadillac removed the wreath, that was a new logo. This is just making the V and W skinnier.

    • Сафиуллинь-Мухамед Рамазанов

      I didn’t see it as a whole new and need all of this staff!

  • Anyone else think this appears more sinister looking than the old logo?

    • OdysseyTag

      Definitely takes away the more homely, bolder and rigid design it once had.

      As with anything new, gonna take some getting used to.

    • db

      I see VW and for some reason the Swastika comes to mind.

  • Aeromann

    Is it a Joke?

    They had 19 internal teams and paid 17 external agencies for that? 😳

  • LJ

    I’m a graphic designer and I can tell you that whenever a logo like this is redesigned, the explanation for the process is complete marketing BS to make the changes feel more important/significant than they actually are. It would take me about 5 minutes to create that logo.

    19 internal teams and 17 external agencies is absolute nonsense.

    • designer_dick

      Companies like Volkswagen are notoriously conservative and resistant to change, so you can guarantee that whatever design you came up with in 5 minutes would then be endlessly tweaked and evaluated for the next several months before returning back to your original proposal.

      • alexxx


    • SD38439

      Not for a company of this size. But for once I want to hear a CEO of a company say something like “I wanted a 2D logo, so I grabbed someone from our graphics department and we made this in about 10 minutes in Illustrator.”

  • I just love this type of PR bullshit. Favorite part:

    “While the logo looks pretty simple, the process of changing the design was highly complex. In particular, Volkswagen said 19 internal teams and 17 external agencies were involved in the project.”

    I guess they lacked some 67 teams in order to make it look like something from the XX century…

  • Seats & a steering wheel

    This is a NEW logo? I must have missed the memo. Then again since the Mk 6 Golf..I’d also say THIS is the NEW Golf????

  • Frase

    A load of marketing baloney that only really serves as bad PR. Makes them sound overly stuffy and pompous. What’s more the logo isn’t a radical enough change to really be worth the effort. A load of hype, pomp and ceremony over what is honestly a non-story. What a joke…

    • alexxx


  • designer_dick

    There’s a lot of marketing BS in that statement, and the idea that it took 19 internal teams in addition to 17 external agencies to come up with this is absolutely ludicrous.

    That said, the changes are more substantial than they might appear at first glance. If you’re assuming that all they’ve done is select the white elements of their current logo, deleted the blue backdrop and made the stroke a bit thinner, you’d be wrong, as that’s what I’ve done here.


    The real logo is quite a bit different, with softer corners on the V and the W, and the bottom of the W no longer makes contact with the roundel.


    • Bob Harrison

      WOW what a huge difference. Good thing they have 36 teams dedicated to softening those corners and moving the W up some.

      • designer_dick

        For a company as notoriously conservative as Volkswagen, this isn’t small. Yes, 36 teams working on it is absolutely ludicrous, but some companies are incredibly pernickety and particular about even the smallest changes to their visual identity.

    • SD38439

      The first one looks a lot better, but the second also looks better than the 3D version.

      But 19 teams/17 agencies sounds about right — this is the modern corporate world in a nutshell, especially the automotive world. Want to know why most modern cars are hideous and look like different teams designed different areas of a car? That’s because that is what happens. Long gone are the days of a master designer saying “this is how it’s going to be” and making sure it happens.

  • Bob Harrison

    VW officially crowned the world’s douchiest car manufacturer confirmed.

  • Cavin Klop

    Back to ‘67😉

  • Mr. EP9

    Completely lazy.

  • as i’d predicted.. i like it better now

  • Tumbi Mtika

    I like it.

    The late 2010s-2020s are the age of minimalism.

  • Zed68

    Amazing… some people got paid millions to do almost nothing. WOW!

    • Romain AA

      You’ve just accurately defined “shareholders”. Absolutely nothing new here.
      Plus, it often takes a lot of work before you come to the decision that less, simpler, is more.

  • SD38439

    Much better. The logo should have never gone 3D to begin with (unless actually used as a physical 3D model). The skeuomorphic 3D-style was an idiotic branding trend that ruined so many timeless logos, from BMW to UPS. It started about 20 years ago and instantly looked dated, and now looks so dated it’s “retro”. Luckily this trend has been slowly dying in recent years.

    • SD38439

      I should also add that while I do think this is better than the 3D logo, I don’t like how the bottom of the W does not connect with the outline of the circle, whereas the tops of the V and W do. The space between the bottom of the W and the circle makes it look top-heavy. Kind of awkward and clumsy, but maybe it will grow on me.


    New decade, simpler logo

  • botornot387

    Actually really like it. The sound logo is very techy

  • so they just unbolded it?

    i mean it’s not that bad i guess, but it feels kinda unnessissary, and looking at the cars it kinda looks better in chrome on the Up! then in white on the EGolf (id3)

  • Enter Ranting

    Hey, great news everyone! The new VW logo is easy to use!

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