Dyson Cans Electric Car Project, Says It’s Not Commercially Viable

Dyson has officially abandoned its plans to build an electric vehicle as the project was deemed not commercially viable.

The British company had started development of an electric luxury SUV that was suppose to launch in the market in 2021, with James Dyson promising “fundamentally new technologies and some inventive leaps”. Dyson had already started building prototypes for testing.

“The Dyson Automotive team have developed a fantastic car; they have been ingenious in their approach while remaining faithful to our philosophies. However, though we have tried very hard throughout the development process, we simply cannot make it commercially viable,” the company said in a statement.

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Dyson even tried to find a buyer for the project but failed to do so and eventually pulled the plug completely. The £2.5 billion investment program however will remain alive, focusing instead on the development of solid state batteries and other technologies that were meant to be featured in their cars, including sensing tech, vision systems, robotics, machine learning and AI.

“Our battery will benefit Dyson in a profound way and take us in exciting new directions,” company founder and inventor Sir James Dyson told employees in an email.

Dyson’s long-term plan was to launch three electric models into the market, which would feature solid state batteries instead of the lithium-ion ones that are widely used today.

“This is not a product failure, or a failure of the team, for whom this news will be hard to hear and digest. Their achievements have been immense – given the enormity and complexity of the project. We are working to quickly find alternative roles within Dyson for as many of the team as possible and we have sufficient vacancies to absorb most of the people into our Home business,” the company added.

The electric car project employed 523 people, 500 of whom were located in the UK. Dyson said it will try to find other roles within the company’s home division that’s responsible for a variety of products ranging from hairdryers to vacuum cleaners.

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  • Ben

    That sucks.

    • Loquacious Borborygmus

      And blows.

  • boo boo the fool

    I was kinda excited

  • krusshall

    Found out that vacuum cleaner margins weren’t quite attainable did we, Sir?

  • Aeromann

    It could be ecological if they clean the road while driving. 😂

  • Mark Hawthorne

    Man who has never made cars says making money by making cars is hard. Who’d have thought it?

  • Julien Lachemoi

    Smart move but it is sad, I was very interested in what Dyson could bring to the table.

    • Bart

      Not that much, I’m afraid. Otherwise they’d find an investor, or at least someone who’d buy their IP and/or the team.

      • Smith

        No value in old automotive technology. Just like Tesla, there was nothing really new because if there was then he would not have needed £2.5 billion and 500 people already.

        • Bart

          Teslas have unmatched range and performance, that other car companies would kill for. If Dyson would have something close to it he would found a buyer.

        • krusshall

          Solid state batteries which is probably what doomed this project to failure.

      • krusshall

        Exactly. Especially because it is a “fantastic car”.

  • Rocket

    He claims the team didn’t fail, but he also claims the product they came up with is not commercially viable. Sounds like failure to me.

    • Smith

      Failure was whoever put together a £2.5 billion budget and already hired 500 people work on a start up EV car company, with no prototype to show. Totally ludicrous.

    • db

      A good PR man would say something like it was planned to fail and it was a complete success.
      After all, billionaires to have touchy egos.

    • Anthony

      The Team did not fail, the engineers and most of the designers involed (exterior, UI, modelling and cmf) are amazing. Limited by the lack of knowledge leading them and the refusal of the upper managment and owner to listen. It is not viable as the build cost for this homer simpson car was insane due to refusing to follow engineering terms and refusing to use a manifacturing supplier, small brands dont build their own factory for the first car. This was running before James Dyson could walk.

    • krusshall

      There is definitely more to this decision than in his feeble attempt at explaining away this failure in a few press release sentences. There’s something fishy in Singapore.

  • William rowe

    welp that got swept under the rug fast

  • driv3r

    Oh well, so Dyson jumps on the bandwagon of the many many brands, manufacturers and companies that thought “building an electric car is easy as …”. Even Google and Apple pulled out of the idea of building a car themselves and now are sticking to developing software for autonomous cars or in-car interfaces and software.
    Until now, Tesla still is the only truly credible car “start-up” in recent years.
    Only good thing about Dyson is that they can easily direct their knowledge gains to other products or might even develop into a manufacturers of different kind of digital motors and solid-state batteries.

    • Smith

      The only good thing about Dyson is he pulled the plug before sinking billions of investors money and his own, into a hopeless cause, with no possibility of ever making a profitable business because the model, just like Tesla’s business model, is totally wrong.

  • robotlogic

    I’m shocked! The company that makes $600 vacuum cleaners can’t make an affordable electric car. https://media3.giphy.com/media/3oFzmqENRBkRTRfLcA/giphy.gif

    • Smith

      He can’t make an affordable vacuum cleaner so why are you surprised he can’t make an affordable car.

      • robotlogic

        Sorry about your autism.

  • mick

    The automotive business is quicksand for a lot of people who think pretty highly of themselves. I too was looking forward to the tech he was promising, but cautious given others’ history. He can still likely recoup a large piece of this IF the battery tech is what he says it is. Of course, is that piece economically viable? Time will tell.

  • Smith

    He had 600 people working on an EV car and £2.5 billion budget and you wonder why he could not make it work. He knows nothing about the automotive industry and tried to follow the old, very old, traditional business model, just like Tesla has done, and he realized that he would never get a return on his investment. To amortize £2.5 billion over the next 10 years would have made his car ridiculously expensive and all those types of car buyers are already suck into the other obsolete new car company. The only way to succeed is to think completely outside the box, disrupt and innovate, don’t just follow the old ways, they are finished.

    • Astonman

      Any ideas on how to disrupt? Serious. Not being a bung hole.

    • Alduin

      Tesla still has no idea how to build cars let alone knows how the automotive industry works. They’re a software company not an automaker.

      • Knotmyrealname

        Eh? What rock do you live under?

      • liams92

        They’re now selling close to 400k units a year now. Arguably better to be a software company than a manufacturing company when it comes to EV’s. Manufacturing has largely plateaued and is a transferable skill, software massively affects customer experience and much harder to get right. Look at the computer systems in most cars, they’re terrible in a world where everyone is used to smartphone levels of sophistication.

  • Mr. EP9

    Back to making overpriced vacuum cleaners.

  • Alduin

    Another one bites the dust. Oh well it would’ve probably sucked anyways. (get it)

  • liams92

    When you look at the state of Lucid and Faraday Future, they have nothing new to bring to the table and cannot compete with established manufacturers, Dyson must have realised this. To compete you need something different like Rivian and Tesla. Hopefully Dyson sees more of a market in selling its solid-state batteries to all manufacturers and that’s the reason for the change in direction.

  • GT

    That “sucks”

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