Infiniti Q70 Falls Victim To SUVs, Gets Axed From US And Canada

Nissan’s luxury car brand Infiniti has decided to pull the plug on the Q70. The executive sedan will be retired from the United States and Canada after the 2019MY, but dealers will continue to sell the existing stock until it runs out.

“The Q70 will not be available for the 2020 model year in the United States and Canada”, an Infiniti spokesperson told CarScoops. “We expect that there will be quantities of the 2019 model year through the end of the calendar year at least.”

“In response to consumer demand, we continue to focus on sport utilities and crossovers, and the all-new QX55 sport utility coupe will be added to Infiniti showrooms within the year. We are, however, absolutely committed to the car market with our Q50 sports sedan, which continues to be one of the top sellers at our retailers, and the Q60 sports coupe.”

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U.S. sales of the Q70 have dropped from 10,818 units in 2011 to 9,130 in 2012, 5,283 in 2013 and 5,034 in 2014. In 2016, they delivered 5,872 examples, 5,772 in 2017 and 4,479 last year, according to CarSalesBase. From January to September 2019, just 2,196 Q70s were sold, practically sealing the model’s fate.

The 2019 Q70 is still present in the company’s official U.S. website that lists it 2019 at $50,400 for the standard version and $51,900 for the L, both of which are available with either a 3.7-liter V6 or a 5.6-liter V8. The rivaling Mercedes-Benz E-Class has an MSRP of $54,050, while the BMW 5-Series starts at $53,900 and the Audi A6 at $54,900. Pricing for the new Cadillac CT5, on the other hand, starts at just $36,895.

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  • Ben


  • Six_Tymes

    I would rather own the new Cadillac CT5.

  • Nordschleife

    I do wish they would have put that Japanese sparkle wood in another model. I really liked that wood.

  • BlackPegasus

    Infiniti failed to keep this vehicle relevant by carrying over an outdated interior with a small infotainment screen (among other drawbacks). To add, it’s priced nearly the same as the Mercedes E class and Audi A6 which are class leading sedans.

    It’s too bad because I’ve always thought the Q series (M series) were among the most aggressive driver oriented premium Japanese sedans on the road ?

  • pcurve

    Shame. PRevious get m35/m45 were great car. Infiniti doubled down on this weird, wavy, organic design motifs, but I don’t think people are digging them.

  • Mr. EP9

    Don’t worry, you’ll be able to pick one up in the used car lot for a bargain. I know rental car companies will be happy to have it.

    • Jason Miller

      Rental car companies don’t buy used cars.

  • nellydesign

    Wait wait… this car was still being sold new? It’s like a billion years old.

  • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

    Infiniti needed to work harder to update the vehicle. The 5.6 was very competitive, but it needed the 3.0tt out of the Q50 to compete and a better infotainment system.

  • Bash

    This is a nice sedan, it’s a shame they didn’t update it. Blaming CUV/SUV for its failure is wrong. This could have put more effort on this. Redesigned its aging interior, sharpening up the exterior corners and add few more gizmos. I mean if Hyundai could do it with their later 2020 Azera, infinity should be a able to do more.

  • Toronado_II

    And the downward spiral goes on…

  • Merc1

    Oh well. If you don’t update a car what do you think is going to happen? It’s a nice car but it would outclassed and outdone from the day it debuted.


  • Marc Gruben

    How hard would it have been to do a Q70L Red Sport 400?

    • Merc1

      Easy, but that wouldn’t fix a thing.


  • Kash

    Yeah don’t blame SUV’s for this one’s death. There’s still plenty of sedans on sale and even outselling SUV’s. The death of this outdated turd lies squarely in the hands of Infiniti upper management. It was a nice looking car when it went on sale but currently it looks like that 45 year old mother trying to dress and look like her 22 year old daughter and finds itself busting out clothes too small for it’s bloated shape. The interior also makes a Cadillac’s look like a modern day Jetson’s home.

    Ignoring something tends to be the best way to kill it, and that’s exactly what Infiniti did. Can’t say it’ll be missed or that it’s death will even noticed.

  • vanquishvantage

    The CT5, Cadillac isnt positioning against the cars mentioned Also the Infiniti is much cheaper than the cars mentioned when considering they start with a 4 cylinder and the Q70 at this point was old and dated much like the Q50. It’s not selling well ,makes sense to get rid of it and not invest in a replacement in a shrinking segment. It can’t compete with the top cars as is. Not a bad car overall but the field has moved on……good used car bargain though

  • erly5

    Obviously sales will dwindle if you fail to update. Outdated saloon that was long overdue for replacement. Won’t be missed.

  • Stigasawuswrecks

    They need to axe Infiniti all together. The company has been stagnant for years. When was the last time they put out anything new?

    • JRP

      QX50 redesign and QX80 refresh in 2017 and the QX55 is coming in 2020.

      • Stigasawuswrecks

        They were refreshes though.

        • JRP

          The QX50 was redesigned, not refreshed. The QX80 was. A QX55 may be revealed in LA.

          • Stigasawuswrecks

            And it already is that dated?

          • Merc1

            So why list the QX80 in the first place? A car that may or may not be introduced next month doesn’t count when someone asks what have they done lately as far as something new. Infiniti is pitiful and everyone knows it.


          • JRP

            They revamped the QX80’s front, rear, and interior and added new tech. It’s not a redesign but it’s a major update. It’s not a full redesign, just a facelift. But yeah, still major.

          • Merc1

            And yet it didn’t help the vehicle’s standing in the market one bit. It’s outdated man, quit trying to make it seem like it isn’t. It’s a major nothing in the segment now.


          • JRP

            It’s old, not dated. It’s still stylish and still sells quite well (14203 this year as of September 2019).

          • Merc1

            OMG, just stop. Dated or old doesn’t make a difference. It’s an also ran in the class and just because it sells at a discount doesn’t prove anything.


    • TheBelltower

      Infiniti could do well if Nissan itself wasn’t such a hot steaming pile right now.

  • Ken Lyns

    Q70 is the renamed M-class right? Used to be the M35/M45 brought up to compete with the Lexus GS? This segment has always been low-volume. The GS was killed off for Europe last year.

    • Arct1c

      M. Just M. Not M Class. M Class is what the Mercedes GLE used to be called. It’s all confusing.

    • Merc1

      Yeah it’s always been low volume for the Japanese makers because they can’t crack the segment. The E-Class and 5-Series sell more in 1 or 2 months than this car did in a year. It isn’t a low volume segment, the Japanese just failed in the segment.


  • TheBelltower

    Not a victim of SUV’s. Victim of corporate ineptitude and neglect.

  • Arct1c

    See ya! Can’t wait for this whole brand to go under. Useless.

  • SteersUright

    Good riddance. Once powerful, beautiful and desirable, the mismanaged Nissan motor co let this linger way way too long without a properly thorough refresh.

  • Kaido Alex

    That’s no surprise, as this thing has been produced for almost a decade if not a whole decade.

  • Kagan

    Mainstream people are so off.Suvs was 20 years ago, you are not trendy or though today!

  • Alduin

    What an ugly and outdated looking car it looks like it’s melting on the inside and the outside,it won’t be missed. The old Q45 and M35/M45 were nice cars. Infiniti is such a joke now. Time to wrap it up and close shop Infiniti.

  • Richie Rich

    I had a QX70 for a while, and this was the loaner. Not a bad driver, good power. But Infiniti is a joke. They have apparently done away with refresh cycles. They all look like they did 10 years ago. Great for a woman; bad for cars.

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