This Is What The 2021 Mitsubishi Outlander Could Look Like

We have only recently begun seeing Mitsubishi’s all-new 2021 Outlander crossover out and about in prototype form, wearing full body camouflage over a completely redesigned exterior.

What we know is that its design was previewed on the Engelberg Tourer concept, which made its official debut earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show. As expected though, the production Outlander will look…a lot less outlandish than the previously-mentioned concept.

In fact, we reckon that this render from Kolesa is about as accurate as we could hope for at the moment. The crossover is depicted with a large Dynamic Shield grille, split light units with sleek turn signals, door mounted exterior mirrors and a floating rear pillar design, although the latter is only clearly visible on the Engelberg Tourer concept, not the prototype.

As for the rear end design, the shape of the tailgate seems to be bang-on, and the taillights are just as pointy as cutout on the prototype – at least as far as we can tell.

Altogether, the next-gen Mitsubishi Outlander is shaping up to be a considerably more dynamic-looking product than its predecessor, and the more pronounced wheel arches definitely help with that too.

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It’s possible that the new model will ride on the same platform as the Nissan Rogue, although whether the two brands will share power units too remains to be seen. Still, a plug-in hybrid variant is almost a certainty.

“The next-generation Outlander will be kind of the first ideas of implementing and using common platforms and sharing technologies,” stated Mitsubishi North America’s product manager.

Mitsubishi will likely unveil the 2021 Outlander sometime next year, sending it out to battle the likes of the Toyota RAV4 and the Honda CR-V.

  • Mitsubishi ? They still make cars?

    • Adam

      Considering they were in 21st place last year in global sales then yes, they’re still around. Stop being facetious.

  • Arct1c

    The site that does these renders has been pretty accurate from what I have seen before….which is unfortunate for the sake of the Outlander on account this looks hideous from the front. Rear is decent.

  • charlotteharry57

    Looks like a mishmash of several other vehicles and not at all original. Closing off that 3rd window means much poorer visibility – good visibility being one of the few things that have attracted folks to the current one.

    • Mike anonymous

      I was going to say something quite similar. This is very clearly not the production vehicle, But Before I Begin It Should Be Noted That This Upcoming Vehicle Is The FIRST Model To Feature Mitsubishis’ Next Generation Design Language & Technology.

      The Company revealed a concept called the “e-Evolution Concept” which very much for Mitsubishi, what the “2008 VED-Concept” was for BMW; A New Vision Of The Future Of Their Brand.

      This Concept was passed off as just ‘another’ concept vehicle and quickly forgotten afterwards by seemingly many (likely due to dislike and misunderstanding to the meaning of its’ name), “Evolution” not referring to the “Evo” of the past, but rather the ‘evolution‘ of the company. The vehicle that was shown off was a fully functional vehicle complete with technology that would be featured on upcoming vehicles, as well as show off their new design language (essentially stating that any concept or production vehicle based off a concept made and/or introduced prior to 2018/2017 is a ‘Last Generation‘ Mitsubishi). I took a great deal of time to watch the press videos and information regarding the vehicle and the company as a whole is going through a renewal, from far more upscale dealerships to far higher quality vehicles, and much more. The upcoming SUV Based on the Engelberg Tourer Concept, will be the first example of this automakers ‘next-generation’ promise, which ‘much’ has been invested into bringing it to fruition.

      When you compare the Engelberg Tourer Concept (which is more an early-production vehicle than an tradition concept-vehicle alone), a great many details can be seen that are the same, part from the wheels themselves DRLs as well as the primary headlamps are quite similar. Essentially to say, we will see vehicles that are far closer to the concepts in regards to Mitsubishi than we have in the past at least since the early to mid-2000s’ (or at the latest mid-2010s’).

      With that said, The people at this relatively small company entitled; “Mitsubishi”, are well aware that this upcoming vehicle represents much more than simply ‘a good vehicle launch’ or ‘short-term capitalization of a market sector’… It is a representation of how people will view Mitsubishi going into the next decade, how much they are able to trust a company regarding their vision and plans for the future.

      For Mitsubishi, This vehicle is a bit more than a ‘car’ for them, with a great deal places on making it a vehicle that lives up to their promises. Therefore, I wish Mitsubishi the best with this vehicle, and the best for themselves going forward.

  • Nordschleife

    Looks Blazer/Palisade-ish. Good luck Mitsubishi.

    • JRP

      I see not Blazer or Palisade. Maybe the slightest hint of Passport, but none of those you mentioned.

  • JRP

    For a second I thought it was actually revealed before I looked at the title. This looks pretty accurate!

  • ThatGuy

    Nah, take the current car, add the bumpers and lights of this fantasy sketch and leave the interior exactly the same, just change the interior color of the plastics and boom, new car.

    Same chassis, same engines just tweaked to be slower and more fuel efficient. Market as a new car with a new price and they off the mark.

  • Bash

    We want a new age Pajero. And I do not mean the pajero sport.

  • John Smith

    Looking forward to this. I like a good underdog comeback. Funny thing is they’d probably owe they’re comeback to Carlos Ghosn as well.

  • TALLO883

    dear Carscoops, I have a better rendreing for the upcoming Outlander.. check this out . I believe the upper grille and lower headlights will be similar to that of the recently updated Pajero Sport.

    • Knotmyrealname

      Great if you don’t want to see anything in front of you for about 15 feet. That bonnet is horizontal!

  • Harry_Wild

    Nice exterior design! Hopefully the engine will have low range acceleration and interior looks luxurious too!

  • Tim Sixx

    That’s a good design.

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