2021 VW ID.4: We Uncover The Electric SUV’s Looks, Tech And Everything Else We Know

This year’s Frankfurt motor show was arguably a very green-themed event with a strong focus on electrification. Volkswagen group doubled-down on this by showcasing the stunning Porsche Taycan, Audi AI:TRAIL off-road concept, and production-ready VW ID.3 hatchback.

However, tucked away in one corner of VW’s display was also another electric vehicle, the ID.4 crossover. Based on the aforementioned ID.3, you may have missed it due to its special camouflage wrap, yet peel it back and it’s largely the production variant all good to go. So let’s illustratively explore further.

Looking Familiar

First previewed by the 2017 I.D. Crozz concept, the ID.4 carries over many styling themes from the show car into production. Like the ID.3, the front-end features wrap-around LED daytime running lights to emphasis width, whilst lower front bumper has aggressive cut-outs to reduce visual mass.

Photo Renderings Copyright Carscoops / Josh Byrnes

The doors now have more traditional frames, yet the glasshouse still looks futuristic with satin trim inlays running from the base of the a-pillar right back to the rear hatch opening. Sheetmetal surfacing incorporates rugged black wheel arch moldings, and is vastly more sculptured compared to the ID.3 – this bodes well for VW’s traditionally more stylish SEAT and Skoda siblings that are yet to come.

Under The Bodywork

As with ID.3, the ID.4 will employ the same MEB electric architecture that’ll underpin a whole range of electric vehicles from VW, Skoda, SEAT and even Ford, which recently confirmed the agreement with the Germans. The battery-powered SUV appears slightly bigger than a Tiguan and will offer a larger, more practical cabin with a flat floor, no center tunnel and a higher driving position.

VW ID.3 hatchback interior pictured above

Cabin styling will largely mirror the bionic design ethos of ID.3 as well; with a free-standing digital instrument gauge cluster, large driver-oriented infotainment screen and colour-contrasting trim inlays. Technophiles will have access to a myriad of driver assists, augmented reality (AR) head-up display, inductive charging for smartphones, and an intelligent voice command system that works in conjunction with an LED strip embedded in the dashboard. The latter pulses, blinks and changes color to communicate various commands – shades of Knight Rider perhaps?

Electric Propulsion

Whilst the top-spec ID.3 makes do with a 201-hp electric motor driving the rear wheels, conjecture has it another motor powering the front wheels will be added for enhanced grip and performance. This setup will also help overcome the ID.4’s larger body mass compared to its traditional hatchback sibling.

The VW Group’s MEB electric modular platform

We anticipate three battery options (mirroring the ID.3) ranging from 45, 60 and 77 kWh with ranges varying from 205 miles (330 km), 261 miles (420 km), and 342 miles (550 km). The largest battery can be AC/DC charged with up to 125 kW at a DC power source. Home charging will be enhanced by an ID. Charger wall box available in two versions, with remote access and different charging outputs.

Rivals & Reveal

The ID.4 will be a unique entry into playing field with very few direct rivals; sure, there is Tesla’s Model Y, Hyundai Nexo fuel cell, and upcoming Chevrolet Bolt CUV – however, they’re either priced higher or in the Bolt’s case, too small. Hyundai’s Kona and Kia e-Niro are perhaps the closest EV’s in terms of size, and pricing too.

Last week, Volkswagen showed off the production ID.4 in disguise in China

Production will commence at VW’s Tennessee-based Chattanooga plant in 2022. An official reveal is tipped for next February’s Chicago Auto Show.

What are your thoughts on the production version of the ID.4? Share your views in the comments below.

  • Rocket

    Assuming it’s priced appropriately, this is probably VW’s best opportunity to win back the many, many Americans who swore off the brand following the Dieselgate fiasco. Sadly for VAG, there are some who will never return.

    • Aeromann

      Exactly, never.

      For me VW group is just a piece of trash in the middle of the waste collection.

      • Ben

        What brand did you switch to instead?

        • Aeromann

          Mazda! 😉

  • Six_Tymes

    Going to sell like hot cakes. People wont think twice about Diesel gate, most wont even remember, or care. AND the Dodge Durango rear light/s design looks smashing on this.

    • Rocket

      As a victim of Dieselgate, I can assure you that you are mistaken. Some of us will always remember …

      • Six_Tymes

        within the first 3 months, maybe even the first week of its worldwide release this will be selling “like hot cakes” and to be clear, that phrase means A LOT. night even break their own sales record or two.

        You think its going to under perform in sales, I can assure you that YOU are mistaken.

        • Rocket

          I didn’t say it would underperform, did I? Largely because I don’t know what VW’s expectations are. But it’s going to have to be considerably more affordable than the Model 3 and Model Y if it’s going to sell in similar numbers.

          • JimInAuburn

            I bet you can get the base model close to $30K with the tax credit in the US, and that will compare to at least $40K for a Model Y. Personally I do not like the spartan interior of a Model 3/Y. I would rather have a more normal interior like they have in the ID.3 and probably ID.4.

        • Matt

          Huh? You first said this car (I.D4) is so good people will forget about Dieselgate, then your very next comment was that VW were ‘filthy polluting piston slapping liars’. So which is it?

          Also interesting that you said that the decision to build the new Passat in Turkey would stop you from buying one, when here you admit you’d never buy a VW anyway. Not to mention the Passat isn’t even sold in the US where you ‘live’.

          So are you bi-polar or some kind of weird bot? I’ve wondered for a long time…

        • JimInAuburn

          I have been watching it closely. Barring some big downfall when they release all the details, I will be signing up as soon as I can for one.

      • Aeromann

        Welcome my friend, I am a victim too and still waiting for the money… But Vw said they will not pay anything to the European customers. ???

        • JimInAuburn

          My friend had a diesel Jetta. He got to drive it for years before having to turn it in, and got almost as much as he paid for it, since it was fairly new when they had the scandal. He drove it for over 3 years total, put over 100K miles on it, and wound up just being about $4K out of pocket. After he turned it in, he got a low mileage diesel Jetta, a year newer, that had been “fixed” by VW, for less than they gave him for his one year older car with over 100K on it. So essentially he traded his older Jetta in on a year newer one, with 90K fewer miles and had a couple thousand dollars on top of that.

          • Aeromann

            I have a Passat alltrack. From the software update, i have the checkengine once a week. In VW they don’t know. They wanted to change EGR, lambda sensors, catalyser, Particle filter…

            I have the feeling this new software is just a money creator to cover the fine.

  • ErnieB

    On of the best looking VWs… this is going to sell good if they manage a sub $40k price.

    • JimInAuburn

      I bet dealers will be adding an additional markup of $10K on it.

  • ME

    I can’t wait to see this at my local VW showroom. My only concern is that it might be too big for me. I really wish that the ID.3 fill in the place where the Plane Jane (discontinued only for the US) Golf sits.

  • kachuks

    The front fascia looks better than the rest of the current line up.

  • Paul

    If they price it right this car is going to be a winner for VW. It should help heal some of the wounds from other issues that have gone on there. Just hope this doesn’t have issues or snags to give VW another big fat black eye.

    • Ben

      Nearly every automotive and big industry company has a “black eye”. Unfortunately, that’s just the cycle of large businesses. People just remember what’s fresh and new. Very few are boycotting BP and Nike is doing just fine. Every company has either a dark history, poor choices or both.

      • khc

        Well said.

    • JimInAuburn

      I can see it now. They will set the price at something like $40K and the dealers will mark it up another $10K.

  • J. P.
  • carlbolt

    Which dieselgate? forget about it, it turned out that every carmaker did the same thing, why so angry to VW? because it was the first got caught?

    • Ben

      First over the hill as they say

  • Bonni Gari Leksmana

    Like it…

  • Walter

    I am still torn between the I.D.4 and the VW Roomz.

  • David Giles

    Really keeping my fingers crossed that I can get this in Colorado after it’s released. Hoping it will be my first EV.

    • khc

      Yes, with an EV, it should be nice to not have any loss of performance at higher elevations.

  • James Denz

    I suspect the author of this article meant this February (2020) for official reveal, not next February, which would be in 2021.

  • c3vzn

    This is more important than ID3

  • I’ll take one with two (F&R) flat, bench seats, please. ala Bulli.

    • Bash

      VW Personnel: Oh sure sure, not a problem we thrive to satisfy you. I suppose that you’ll like to have the VIN number matches your username too? its AWUCNKRAN4AIAXCYIPC8RAJLLCIM, isn’t it? lol

  • nauticalone

    I like the exterior. Interior – not so much!

    • OdysseyTag

      Uhm, the interior shown is from the ID.3.

  • KidRed

    So it will look nice but be slow as to not compete with Audi. Bah

  • give it a real name VW

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