New Lotus Elan Allegedly In The Works, Could Be Joined By A New Esprit

Lotus is embarking on a product push, and one of the resulting projects could be an all-new Elan.

Citing company insiders, Autocar is reporting the model could be launched in the “next few years” as a two-seat roadster that would rival the Porsche 718 Boxster.

Little is known about the car, but it would reportedly be positioned above the Elise. Given its mission of battling Porsche, the Elan would likely be more comfortable, spacious and refined than its smaller sibling.

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Despite being easier to live with than the spartan Elise, the Elan would still be quite hardcore. Lotus is, reportedly, targeting the lowest weight as well as the best driving dynamics in its class.

Unfortunately, the model is still several years off – assuming it arrives at all. Like many of Lotus’ future vehicles, the Elan is slated to ride on an all-new platform that is still under development. The architecture is reportedly two years away from completion, but it’s rumored to be lightweight, highly flexible and quicker to build.

Besides the rumored Elan, the platform could underpin an assortment of other vehicles including an all-new Evora and Esprit, while a crossover and a new Elite or Europa are also on the table.

Those models are still some way into the future, though, so the British automaker will reportedly use the Evora’s platform for its next sports car. The model is slated to be introduced late next year and be a “driver-focused” car that features improved ergonomics as well as better entry and egress.

A lot of questions remain about Lotus’ future lineup, but the company has already hinted they’ll be dropping the Toyota-sourced engines they’re currently using. Last month, Volvo and Geely announced plans to merge their engine operations and this new business unit will eventually supply engines to Lotus as well as Geely, Proton, LEVC and Lynk & Co.

Note: 2010 Lotus Elan concept pictured

  • Nobody

    If they ever happen. With the way sports cars are doing in the market today, “IF” is the key word.

    • Joe

      Yeah I was thinking, how many times have we heard this same basic plan over the past decade? Until Geely’s investment yields anything that moves under its own power, I won’t believe all this hype.

  • Gustavo Adriano

    This Elan Concept was so amazing, that it’s design is still fresh!

  • MonkeyRider

    Honda should have done their NSX design like this..


    It looks good.

    But it sort of looks like a wrong Huracan. Like someone at Lotus was chatting with someone at Lambo having never seen a Huracan and sketched it out while on the phone.

    • Chuck_Knut

      Although the Elan in the photos is 4 years older than the Huracan.

      • MMMBRAP

        Didn’t know that! Guess we have Lambo copying Lotus then.

    • J-Triumf

      Nothing wrong with “ripping off” Lambo’s designs and proportions; I honestly wish more companies would.

    • dave

      Much Much older than the Hurican. This came out around 2009

  • Callanish

    Always rooting for the success of Lotus, no matter how dire their circumstances can be at any given moment.

  • Six_Tymes

    two week old news, or maybe it’s 3, but still great news!

  • GreenApple18r

    Pegassi Tempesta?

  • Caleb Carter

    Can we talk about how it looks like the Pegassi tempesta? thats kinda hilarious but beautiful car anyways

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Interesting renders

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Thanks for pointing it out. I’ll focus on “interesting”

  • Maximilian Norlande Rabbitt

    If it looks anything like this, I should hope the Elite concept is at least considered.

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