The First Manual 2020 Toyota Supra Mk5 Is Ready For SEMA

European Auto Group has completed the first manual conversion for a Toyota MKV Supra, just in time for this year’s SEMA Show.

The Texas-based tuner has been steadily becoming the go-to place for people seeking some good old-fashioned three-pedal thrills for cars that never came with a manual transmission from the factory, including the now-famous six-speed Ferrari 430 Scuderia and 458 Italia.

Since the new Supra isn’t available -yet?- with a manual transmission option from the factory, European Auto Group has more work to do in the interior, especially around the center console and the lower part of the dashboard.

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Interior mods include things like relocated buttons for the parking brake, auto start/stop and the lane assist system as well as moving the A/C controls back into the dash by 2.5 inches in order to make room for the safe operation of the gear lever.

The car has been fitted with a BMW-sourced six-speed manual gearbox that works together with all the existing buttons and functions as intended from the factory, including the driving modes. EAG plans to fit a custom gear knob with a flip-up cover that unveils the button for the Sport mode.

As it sits, the manual conversion of EAG’s black Toyota Supra has been mechanically completed, leaving only the interior work to be completed. As for the cost, a full manual conversion for a Toyota Supra will cost $12,000, including parts and labor.



  • Six_Tymes

    the lever is too high.

    • donald seymour

      I was thinking that myself.

  • Mr. EP9

    Toyota wasn’t going to do it so they did.

    • Bash


    • Matt

      I believe that’s why they did it, yes.

  • Bash

    Can’t stop the idea of what if manual is offered. I mean right now with auto shifter the price is on the crazy side. With manual being there, the prices will go sky high.

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