The Pedestrian Steering Horn Is A Wonderful Idea For A Dystopian Future

People are everywhere. Standing in doorways, clogging up sidewalks and blocking items you need at the grocery store.

Unfortunately, many of them are clueless and have little regard for others who have places to go and people to see. It’s a sad reality and one that seems to have gotten worse since the advent of the smartphone.

Since technology is exacerbating the problem, maybe it’s also the solution. However, hopefully it will be a little more refined than Yosef Lerner’s pedestrian horn.

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Noticed by Gizmodo, the pedestrian horn is little more than a steering wheel that loops around your neck thanks to a modified seat belt. However, it features a functioning horn which informs clueless pedestrians to get out of the way.

While Lerner says the invention was designed to get people to honk their car horns less, the pedestrian horn is both a brilliant and stupid idea. Imagine how much time you could save by not having to constantly say excuse me or patiently wait for other people to notice they’re holding you up. Sure it’s a tad impersonal, but the pedestrian horn certainly looks effective.

While Lerner originally had plans to sell ten of the horns for $699 (£543 / €633), it appears he had a change of heart. In a tweet, he said “The horns are no longer for sale, as I would not want to contribute to more noise.” That will probably disappoint some people, but we wouldn’t be surprised if someone takes the idea and turns it into an app.



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