One-of-a-Kind 1993 BMW M3 E30 Sport Evolution Convertible on Sale for €249,000!

Unlike its successors, the original BMW M3 from the E30 series was designed to be built in comparatively small numbers, mainly to homologate it for Group A Touring Car racing, though it proved to be a success both on the road and on the track.

BMW made some 15,500 coupes, including the regular 192HP (195PS), 197HP (200PS) and 212HP (215PS) 2.3L models, the 197HP (200PS) EVO 1, the 217HP (220PS) EVO 2, the 235HP (238PS) Sport Evolution or EVO 3, and the 212HP (215PS) Johnny Cecotto specials, plus an even more limited run of close to 800 M3 Convertibles with the 2.3L unit.

But there was an even more unique model, of which only one was reportedly made: an M3 Sport Evolution Convertible, and this custom ordered car is said to be up for sale in Germany for the low price of €249,000 or about $338,000.

The owner / seller states on the site:

“This is an original BMW M3 Sport Evolution Convertible build by BMW Motorsport Gmbh in Germany. Probably the only one in the world. The car has been ordered by the customer in 1993 (please notice: between 1992 and 1994 no M3 convertible has been made by BMW, so this car was a special order, which has been accepted by BMW motorsport Gmbh). Since then the car has been kept in a very lovely condition. Please call for more detailed information.”

There’s a bill of sale and a picture of the VIN, which we tried to check on various online decoders, but since you can only put the last seven digits, it doesn’t come out right – we suspect that it may have a unique code for the first four letters and digits.

The car has clocked 52,000 km or approximately 32,311 miles, and it does feature the Sport Evolution’s racier 2.5-liter naturally-aspirated four with 235HP (238PS).

If it’s your dream car, you should do yourself a favor and call someone from BMW central to verify its authenticity.

Story References: via germancarscene

Shout out to Jaco H. for the submission!



  • FastRabbit08PL

    Crack PIPE! Wayyyy to much for this.

    • europeon

      Nice price! BMW fanboys deserve to pay this much for this crap.

      Hello Jalops!

      • TheHake

        It’s like paying €600 for a plastic Samsung… 😉

        • europeon

          I… am not really sure how to feel about that as I just returned my 900 euro iPhone 5s because of the sensors issue (#gyrogate) and a 600 euro free from defects plastic Samsung sounds quite appealing right now.

          • TheHake

            Buy an HTC dude! 😉

  • Sergio Carranza

    the link to the original for sale add no longer works, has it been sold?

    • Hajime

      bought by a chinese billionaire. just guessing.

  • mugwump

    This is f’ed up. A made up price for a not so great car. I loved these E30 M3’s back in the 90’s but by todays standards they’re rather dull cars. They have ‘style’ and ‘character’ but not so great technically and a fortune in maintenance is dedicated to keep them running.

  • Iknowmorethenyou

    Mugwump has no idea what he is talking about. These are not dull and still drive better then most cars today. Build quality is excellent and for a car based on a 1986 e30, they have many tech advances. Hell, even the 325is models has 4 disk brakes, heated seats, first car to have active sway bars ect… The s14 is really not that $$$ to maintain and you can work on it in your garage.

  • Miko

    Trust me, it’s not the only one….

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