Woman Hits Truck, Gets Struck by 2nd Truck, Yet Makes it Out Alive!

It’s hard to believe just by watching the dashcam footage, but the young lady driving the Ford Focus survived this horrific accident that occurred in Belgium.

It all happened on August 13 when Jasmien Claeys, 25, attempted to speed across two lanes and enter the exit, but little did she know that there was a traffic jam up ahead.

She crashed full force into a stationary truck, and if that wasn’t enough, the Focus was hit by the dashcam lorry coming from behind.

Against all odds, the woman was injured, but alive. She broke her top two vertebrae and shattered her hand, while she was also in a coma, but is now “recovering exceptionally well”, according to an interview that she gave to Belgian news station HLN this past Sunday.


  • Guest

    On the contrary, I would surmise that survival of the fittest also applies to the ability to survive otherwise deadly happenings.

  • Paul Jarvis

    To be fair, you’re a fucking moron.
    The DHL truck pulls infront of the truck, he slowly increases the distance before the accident, check by counting the gap in seconds. If he braked hard, he may have caused a problem behind him. You have no idea what it is like to drive a large truck, so please, your opinion is bordering on insanity. The car driver is at fault completely. She should have been in the slow lane, long before the right hand lane opens into a slip road. She cuts across at the last minute, causing her to hit the truck. This would never ever happen to me, quite simply because I would never pull into lane that I cannot see into. Your credentials as an adjuster are questionable if you think the truck driver has any blame at all.

    • KHM5

      Dear Paul Jarvis, I’d rather be a “fucking moron” in your opinion, than having a life boring enough to sit browsing through 1,5 year old video clips and feeling the need to share your (faulty) opinion in a discussion that old…

      That being said, you are still wrong. I do know what it’s like to drive a truck like that and I do know that I am right, as would you if you bothered to read up on actual current traffic jurisdiction, instead of relying on what your mum told you when she taught you how to drive. You are free to question my credentials, but yet to present any of your own.

      • Paul Jarvis

        I have been driving accident and point free for over 30 years, so please spare me the ‘you’re a kid’ bullshit, you moron. The point is, she cuts across 2 lanes in a short space of time, from the fast lane to the slip road. The Truck driver as I said, slows down and leaves a 2 second gap by the time the car cuts across him. You sir are an absolute moron. I have only just come across this video and your ridiculous comment (that others have pointed out how stupid you are), because the video was put on facebook today. I apologise that my friends posted an old video and be assured that I will tell them that you think it’s not allowed. You prick.

        • KHM5

          As i predicted, “I have been driving accident and point free for over 30 years” is your only credential, as were often the credentials of the senior citizens whose claims towards their car insurance were NOT accepted, because they – just like your posts here – are based only on anecdotal “evidence”, and not on actual facts and laws. With that being said I find it suitable to rest my case. Hugs and kisses to you too, Paul! 🙂

          • Paul Jarvis

            Ok let us clear this up, as you seem to think you have some divine right to judge. The truck drivers were both found to be innocent in a police and insurance review of this accident. The fault was found to be the driver of the car. You can find this information out with not so hard digging it seems.
            You just failed to listen to logic and persisted with your initial thoughts, which is you really were an adjustor, are very bad traits indeed. I think you are talking bullshit though, as many people here have called you out and shown you up for the retard you are, yet you are unwavering. Maybe just an internet troll? Anyhow, being as she was found to be at fault, your opinion is moot.