Alfa Romeo Coupe Rendering Is One Hot Ride

The new Giulia ignited the imagination of many rendering masters these past few months.

It has been transformed into a coupe, a convertible, an estate – even a pickup truck. OK, the last one was pretty weird – maybe it was meant as some kind of a joke. Things haven’t stopped here because the BMW M3 fighter was also envisioned as a fastback and a BMW X4 rival as well.

This rendering, however, differs from the rest in that it combines elements not just from the Giulia, but also the 4C and Pininfarina’s 2uettottanta Spider concept.

Always nice to see someone thinking out of the box, isn’t it? Especially if he knows it’ll stay on his hard drive.

We have a feeling that, while we are still waiting for the rear-wheel drive saloon to finally hit the market, we’ll see many more renderings coming our way. After all, we have almost until the end of the year until it does. And that’s a definite maybe because, as you know by now, it has been pushed back many, many times.

Image via Alessandro Masera (Facebook)