Armytrix Ferrari 458 Italia Screams And Spits Flames

The 488 GTB may be faster, but when it comes to aural excitement it has nothing on its predecessor.

Whereas the new car is powered by a twin-turbocharged, 3.9-liter V8, the 458 Italia has a good ‘ole naturally-aspirated 4.5-liter V8.

The 100 hp difference between the two is impressive, though no one ever said the 458 was lacking in power. Moreover, the howl it creates is among the industry’s finest and in a world where more and more exhaust systems are becoming synthesized, the analogue symphony from that V8 that is not disrupted by the turbos whooshing is even more special.

Nevertheless, some wish to dial it up a bit and, for them, a number of aftermarket firms produce exhaust systems, like this one from Armytrix, are available.

This particular 458 is also fitted with a custom bodykit and towering rear wing. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; it’d be hard to complain about this soundtrack, though.