Cummins RAM Explodes On The Drag Strip, Still Wins The Quarter Mile

Pushing the boundaries on a stock block boasting 1,173hp has its limits, as this jaw-dropping Dodge RAM demonstrates.

It may look like a somewhat regular RAM truck on the outside, but this baby packs a punch. Or at least it did, as the Cummins powering it unfortunately caved during a quarter mile run. But maybe that’s to be expected from a vehicle on 100 psi of boost, developing a mind-bending 1173hp and, get this, over 2000 ft-lb (2700 Nm) of torque on a stock head, stock block, and stock powertrain.

Of course, everything else was entirely replaced, with components preceded by the word “big”: big injectors, big turbos, and everything in between.

But what makes it even more impressive, is the fact the RAM actually won the race, passing the finish line in the high 10s – according to the video description. Not without a toll, unfortunately, as the damage apparently created two holes in the block; still, impressive nonetheless.

Oh, but do you think the story ends here? Following the unlucky incident, the owner actually started the vehicle, even though the car was losing oil and a puddle has built upunderneath the RAM.