Dubuc Motors Turns To Crowdfunding To Launch Electric Sports Car

Last time we heard about the upstart Canadian automaker was in 2014, but now it has resurfaced with a crowdfunding campaign to bring its Tomahawk sports car to the market.

Dubuc Motors wantsa to raise $25 million through StartEngine – and if its goal is accomplieshed, it plans on selling the Tomahawk from 2017 onwards.

Unlike other North American electric startups, like Tesla Motors and Faraday Future, Dubuc won’t be chasing high sales, offering just its sports car at around $100,000.

That car will apparently have an all-electric range of 300 mph and be capable of accelerating to 60 mph in a 3 seconds before topping out at 160 mph. Those figures will be achieved thanks to twin electric motors at the front and rear, meaning the car is all-wheel drive.

To help offset the weight of the batteries, body panels, including its scissor doors, will be made out of aluminum.