Jaguar Land Rover Announce Record Sales For 2015

The Jaguar Land Rover group has just recorded its most successful year ever in terms of sales.

In 2015, it delivered a total of 487,065 vehicles globally, up 5 per cent over 2014 and double the figure of 2009.

Within the group, Land Rover easily contributed the most after shifting over 400,000 vehicles for the first time in its history (403,079 to be exact). By comparison, Jaguar sold 83,986 vehicles last year, a not-so-impressive 3 per cent jump.

For Jaguar, such a figure represents its strongest year in a decade and comes largely thanks to the latest XF and the all-new BMW 3-Series-rivalling XE.

This year, sales of the XE will commence in North America and the F-Pace crossover will hit worldwide markets. As a result, it will be a big surprise indeed if 2016 won’t be even more successful.

For JLR as a whole, Europe was the largest sales region with 110,298 units, 21 per cent higher than 2014. The UK accounted for the majority, with 100,636 deliveries. Meanwhile, North American was its second-best world market, with 94,066 cars from both brands.

While sales in Europe, the UK and North America all rose, they decreased by 24 per cent in China, to 92,474, – plus, in other overseas markets, fell by 7 per cent to 89,592.