Mercedes V-Class Gets Full Treatment From Carlex Design

If it’s refinement you’re looking for in a Mercedes-Benz V-Class, let’s just say it doesn’t get a lot more detailed than what Carlex Design has put together.

It’s a charming van, and we mean that in a sophisticated way, not a playful way. The exterior stands out due to the dual-tone paint-job and the BC Forged wheels, whereas the interior is appropriately trimmed with a high-quality brown leather & black Alcantara combo. Then you’ve got original stitching, embroided initials and custom floor mats that make the cabin “pop”.

The current generation V-Class already has a pretty good interior, with very little to separate it from your run of the mill Saloon or Estate Mercedes models in terms of quality and layout – add that much Alcantara to that mix, and you’ve got a van that even Tyrese Gibson might be envious of.

As for extra gadgets, well, there aren’t any, but the idea behind this build is to showcase luxury in a more tactile and visual way.

In terms of comfort, there seems to be plenty of it to go around. The V-Class can seat as many as 8 people (driver included), with more overall room at their disposal then they’d have in an S-Class. Customers can however choose to configure their Merc van with four individual luxury seats with armrests, a two passenger bench seat or three-passenger bench seat. And yes, all seats can be removed in case you actually need to properly take advantage of the V-Class’ practicality.