Base Alfa Romeo Giulia Finally Scooped

After Giulia QV‘s lengthy parade , it’s time for Alfa Romeo to focus on the versions that will actually sell in big numbers.

The prototype was captured in Amsterdam following its more powerful sister closely.

Thanks to this scoop, we can now see some of the main visual differences between the two, starting with the missing hood-mounted air vents, going through the smaller wheels and ending with the two tailpipes instead of four.

We are not sure if this is the base spec of the new Giulia, but previous scoops of the entry-level BMW 3-Series fighter revealed even more differences, such as the tweaked bumpers and even black door handles.

The orange lights embedded into the headlamps suggest that this one is probably a US-spec car.

As for the engine line-up, the base model will use a 2.0-liter GME (Global Medium Engine) petrol mill with 200PS (197hp). The same powertrain is expected to be offered in two more powerful versions, with 250PS (246hp) and 280PS (276hp), and will be joined by a 2.2-liter JTDM diesel in three versions, with 150PS (148hp), 180PS (177hp) and 210PS (207hp).