TopCar Shows Off Stinger GTR’s Full Carbon Body

If you ever wondered what exactly goes into making TopCar’s beastly 911 Turbo-based Stinger GTR, here’s your chance to have a better look at its carbon fiber duds.

Once everything fits into place, your 911 Turbo or Turbo S officially becomes a Stinger GTR Carbon Edition, which is going to set you back about €15,000 extra compared to what you’d end up spending for the “regular” Stinger GTR conversion.

The carbon fiber package includes about 30 new components, each made through vacuum forming technology. As you can imagine, there’s a lot of quality control and pre-shipment control that goes on, before the body kit is sent to one of TopCar’s authorized dealers in the United States.

Also, their first ever Carbon Edition Stinger GTR was for sale last year for a whooping €290,000 – though to be fair, that car also featured lots of 24K gold elements inside of its fully redesigned cabin, nappa leather and custom forged wheels to go with the new looks.

Of course, you can probably get that interior whichever way you want, so let’s just focus on the wide-body kit this time because it certainly turns an already very aggressive supercar into an even more angry version of itself.

Perhaps a better deal would be to purchase such a car without any extra interior mods – just keep the added costs to a minimum and drive off with one of the most awesome-looking 911s ever.