Watch Daihatsu’s Promo Video With Quirky Copen Shooting Brake & Coupe Concepts

Daihatsu’s newest iteration of the Copen model appears to be a versatile automobile that can take a lot of forms for a wide variety of uses, and the Japanese car manufacturer’s latest quirky concepts prove it.

Constructed to adopt different skins (Cero and Robe), the 2-door roadster’s style can vary from retro to modern in a blink of an eye – as they can be transformed into each other through interchangeable body parts. As this was not enough, Daihatsu came up with two concept cars that further exploit the base vehicle’s traits, making a classic coupe and a shooting brake in the process.

Abandoning their retractable hard tops in favor of fixed roofs, the Cero variant received a sleek coupe body, while the Robe a more practical “shooting brake” format (complete with rear hatch, obviously).

So, if the official photos weren’t enough to satisfy your curiosity regarding Daihatsu’s automobiles, the Japanese car manufacturer released a promo video showing off the Copen’s Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personalities, although in this particular case both cars are harmless and cute – even though the Robe looks more aggressive thanks to its edgy design philosophy.

Although Daihatsu didn’t mention anything about engine upgrades, we suspect that both cars are powered by the same 63bhp 660cc turbo engine found on the conventional variant. Both car will take center stage at the Tokyo Auto Show.