Bose’s Amazing Electromagnetic Suspension Failed To Reach Production Due To High Costs

For a quarter of a century, Bose developed arguably the world’s most advanced suspension system that was supposed to revolutionize the auto industry.

Little had been heard about Project Sound and know, thanks to CNET, we know why.

In spite of being developed for no less than 24 years, the project has been scrapped for being too heavy and too expensive for existing automakers to adopt.

Bose’s electromagnetic suspension system was so advanced it could detect upcoming bumps in the road and keep the car completely level when driving over them. It also eliminated body roll, enabling a car to remain completely flat at all times and providing an excellent ride.

While recently speaking with CNET, the company’s chief executive and president Bob Marseca revealed that automakers like Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Honda and Ferrari all expressed interest in Bose’s electromagnetic suspension system. However, the radical redesigns necessary to use it resulting in all of them shying away and going for more conventional suspension setups instead.