Bugatti Chiron Loses Its Roof, Calls Itself Grand Sport

Looking up at the stars sitting in front of roughly 1,500hp has never been more exciting than in a Bugatti Chiron Grand Sport.

We’re getting ourselves a bit too ahead here, since the Chiron coupe hasn’t even been launched, never mind a roadster that’s some years down the line, but we hope you understand the enthusiasm…

After all, considering that the Veyron came in an open top version as well, we might expect its successor to pull the same trick at some point.

The rendeings preview what a roadster version of the Veyron successor might look like when Bugatti “green lights” it, and are based on prototypes that have been spotted out in the open over the past few months. Similarities to the Vision Gran Turismo are apparent, with the horseshoe grille dominating the front fascia and the huge C-shaped air intakes on its sides.

Back to the here and now, Bugatti is preparing for the Chiron;s global unveil in Geneva. Apart from confirming the name and dropping a teaser, it has released no info. Reports suggest though that the updated 8.0-liter W16 quad-turbo engine of the Veyron will be significantly more powerful, at 1,500 PS. Reaching 100km/h (62mph) from a standstill should take as low as 2.2 seconds, while top speed is expected to stand at 470km/h (290mph).

Since the first Bugatti of the modern era was all about demolishing speed records, there’s no reason why the “sequel” won’t do exactly the same – and it will be an even more visceral experience with an open top.

Rendering via RennaDesign