Super-SUV Drag Battle: X5M Vs Cayenne Turbo S Vs Grand Cherokee SRT

They belong to the most-easily hated segment of the car market, but that doesn’t detract anything from their impressive abilities.

Under their bulky bodies lies some serious firepower and engineering in order to make them perform against the laws of nature.

The Porsche Cayenne Turbo S meets the BMW X5 M and Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT for perhaps the most pointless, but nonetheless, entertaining drag race of the year.

Yes, there is not one sensible reason for this type of cars to exist other than fun alone and that’s exactly the perspective you need in order to somehow understand them. After all, who doesn’t want 550hp under the bonnet of their family hauler?

Autocar and Pistonheads pit the three SUVs with a combined output of nearly 1600hp together in order to find out which one is the fastest.