Futuristic Ferrari Le Mans Prototype Renderings Are Sensational

Remember those rumors about Ferrari returning to Le Mans and endurance racing? Well as is often the case, they never eventuated and unless the marque is remaining insanely discreet, we’re probably no closer to seeing a Ferrari prototype racer than we were 10 years ago.

Not dissuaded by this, Californian automotive designer Marcello Raeli us dreamed up how a potential Ferrari prototype could look and we must say, it is one of the best looking race cars we’ve ever laid eyes on.

Perfectly combining the flowing lines and curves of Ferrari racers from 50 years ago with advanced aerodynamic components, the Piero T2 LM makes the FXX K look not only mediocre but bland and uninspiring.

The front of Raeli’s creation is characterized by small headlights, a low-slung bonnet, a massive splitter and bulging wheel arches supporting huge wheels, tires and brakes. Just behind the front wheel arches are downforce-generating fins with the flat side skirts and floor further aiding in the vehicle’s aerodynamics.

At the rear are a set of impossibly-wide tires and two individual wings reminiscent of those from the FXX K. A traditional rear diffuser has made way for three individual aero parts that help stick the rear-end to the track.

Will the Piero T2 LM ever become a reality? No, but if Ferrari is looking for an inspiring designer, Raeli is the man.

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